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Weekly Wellness Tip: Get Off Social

It’s no secret that everyone and their mother is addicted to social media. In the last week alone, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve overheard or been a part of about the frustrations of a new Instagram algorithm or the latest celebrity Twitter rant. But how do you think it would feel if we stepped away from all that for a bit, and had conversations about something other than what so-and-so was doing last night on Snapchat? I recently started deleting Instagram from my phone for several days at a time every few weeks, and I love it. It’s incredibly liberating to spend time without the constant pull of the blue light and comparing myself to everyone else’s “feed life.” If you’re looking to eliminate some stress and let go a bit this week, take the plunge and delete your social media apps for a bit. You’ll be surprised (or maybe not!) to learn that you won’t even miss them.     

A self-proclaimed dark chocolate hoarder living and learning in Manhattan. A book-lover at heart, Olivia can most often be found reading, doing yoga, or destressing on the swings in Riverside Park.
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