Three Online Clothing Stores I Am Currently Loving

Although we still may wander around campus in our heavy winter coats, spring weather is upon us, at least I hope so. Perhaps it's time to do some spring cleaning by doing away with some of your old, unworn clothing items and replace them with stylish new pieces. Shopping in Morningside Heights can be a challenge since there are not many clothing store options in the neighborhood. However, thanks to the internet, online shopping is now at our disposal. If you are looking to vamp up your wardrobe this spring and would rather shop in bed than take the 1 train, here are three online clothing stores that I’ve been loving this past year.

I first stumbled upon this site thanks to Youtube. I love watching try-on clothing hauls, and I happened to see quite a few influencers try on clothes from this site. I decided to check Boohoo out, and I would say this store has to be my favorite online shop. They sell trendy, good quality apparel and often do sales. I have to stress that they do reoccurring sales for the entire website, so do not buy anything full price. I promise if you check in three days, they will probably be running some sort of 40% storewide sale. Then you can get good quality clothing for satisfactory prices. Not to mention, Zendaya is currently doing a campaign on the site called “The Zendaya Edit”. Who doesn’t love Zendaya?

While on Pinterest looking for some prom dress inspiration a year ago, I saw a dress I knew I had to get my hands on. I then clicked on the link that lead me to Lulus. I had heard youtubers talk about this online store, but I had never used it before. I was a bit weary to put so much faith into an online website and order my prom dress from it, but I knew this dress and I were destined to be together. I guess I have to thank Lulus for one of the most important dresses of my life. I do not order from Lulus frequently since they are a bit more expensive than Boohoo, but I am excited to wear my new nude suede ankle booties I recently bought from them for the springtime. Their clothing has a classy, girl next door vibe. They spin the trends into very sophisticated looks. I recommend this site if you are trying to find a nice jumpsuit for brunch or a formal dress.

I know when you think of Nasty Gal, you think of Sophia Amoruso and her book #Girlboss. Well, I am here to talk about the online store. I recommend using this clothing site if you are in search of an affordable trendy look with some edge to it. I have two skirts from this site that I really like, a jean skirt with different shades of denim and a black and white checkered skirt. Overall, I’d say their clothes make me feel cooler than I actually am.