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**Spoilers ahead**

If you don’t already know the general plot of the show You, I would highly recommend searching it up and then watching the show — it’s definitely a lot better watched than researched on Wikipedia. 

I’m not usually a fan of Netflix original shows, but the concept of You interested me from the moment the first trailer came out. 

I really enjoyed the first and second seasons of the show and had pretty high hopes for the third season. This was mainly because of how the second season was so different from the first and yet made so much sense as the progression of the show and the main character, Joe’s, life.

Throughout all three seasons, I think the show is really engaging — especially in the last couple of episodes where things get CRAZY (in the best way possible). This was especially true for the second season in part due to the actions of characters like Love and her brother, Forty.

So even before starting season three, I was expecting something crazy, and the show definitely did not disappoint. 

The first episode started off as expected, based on what the trailer previewed. But the show did not hesitate to escalate the plot. There were many times where I had to pause the show and take a moment to digest the fact that my understanding of the characters was not at all who they actually were. 

In the first two seasons, the viewer only heard Joe’s thoughts, but this time we get to go inside Love’s mind in a couple of episodes, in addition to Joe’s — which helps us clearly realize that everyone is a little messed up in the head, especially our main characters. The interesting part about her thoughts is that I could not empathize with her at all. With Joe, I can understand where he’s coming from, and while I disagree with his reasoning (in almost all cases), his rationalization makes you want to trust and believe him. 

One of my favorite and funnier parts of the show (that’s not really a spoiler or even affect the plot) was Joe’s issue with the gender of their child: Henry (aka Forty according to Love’s mom — who’s just crazy in this season and thinks her daughter’s child is the reincarnation of her son). Their kid is a boy, and for some reason, this really irks Joe. He brings up the fact that Henry should’ve been a girl, and things would have been better — that he (Joe) would have been better for both Love and Henry. Whenever the couple argue, Joe always brings up the fact that everything would be different if they had a girl, and when asked why he thought that, he says he doesn’t even know why it matters. The contradiction of the insignificance of the issue in the grand scheme of things and how much it seems to matter to Joe is why I think it’s so funny. 

I think going deeper into different parts of the show, the characters, and the episodes would ruin the surprise I felt in nearly every episode. So what I will say is that you should watch it, especially if you enjoy thrillers. Also, the characters are absolutely hilarious because of how insane they are (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the episode “Swing and a Miss”). 

Anyways. TLDR — this season was a lot more interesting than what I was expecting, and if you haven’t already, watch the show on Netflix! 

Mahati Shastry

Columbia Barnard '24

Mahati is a sophomore at Barnard who is excited to experience the wonder that is NYC. She loves reading, writing, and spending time outdoors. Even though she is just entering the Barnard family, she already feels like she’s at home. Currently, she is undecided but is very interested in political science and human rights. :)
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