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The 5 Love Languages & How to Figure Out Yours

The word love is vague. To some people, these four letters can have multiple different meanings. Love can also be expressed in so many different ways. These actions are known as love languages. There are five love languages. I was never able to figure out where I fell until I started to live away from my family for my studies. Human beings show their love by giving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. One can fall into more than one of these categories. Below is a brief description of how you would know which category you fall into:

giving gifts

You like to express your love by giving gifts if all you can think of during a rough moment in your relationship is to buy gifts to fix your relationship problem. Even in your regular day-to-day life, you like to give your friends gifts to build a great friendship. Also, you probably care deeply about someone if you overthink about what kind of gifts you should buy for that person.

words of affirmation

You are the friend in a group who compliments everyone and assures your friends that they will be successful regardless of what they will do in the future. You also probably share a lot of daily motivation quotes on your Instagram story. 

acts of service

You feel like you physically have to do something to show the other person that you are a part of their life and you care about them. You feel like your actions need to be visible to show a person that you love them. In your daily life, you probably like to cook, clean, or run errands to lessen the burden of your loved ones. 

quality time

You like to catch up with your favorite person to show them you care about them. You give them your undivided attention and respond to their concerns justly. If you are not physically present at the same place, you take time to have a conversation with them over the phone. 

Physical touch

You like to hug and hold the hands of your favorite people. You believe hugging will help them to trust you more. You show physical affection often. You probably hug your loved ones when they are sad, overwhelmed, or confused about life. 

If you still don’t know what category you fall under, don’t worry about it too much. You can take this online quiz to figure out your love language. As long as the person you love sees your actions and acknowledges your actions then you are showing your love properly. 

Tasmim Rahman

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Hi, my name is Tasmim Rahman. People call me in 50 different ways, including Tasmin, Tasnim, Taslim. I am a freshman at Barnard College who is interested in majoring in Economics and Mathematical Sciences. Sometimes you will see me being in deep thoughts in the middle of the day or taking a big nap.
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