Take Back the Night 2016

**Trigger Warning: sexual assault

Sexual violence has pervaded the media this year.

From Lady Gaga's "'Til in Happens to You" to Kesha's legal battle against producer Dr. Luke, sexual assault has been a widely discussed topic in various forms throughout the year. 

Lady Gaga's "Til it Happens to You" 

While sexual assault, itself, is still a hushed subject, the enormous media exposure that the issue has gained in the past year has drawn much-needed attention to this situation. In joining with fellow members of the Columbia community, Take Back the Night aims to provide an "opportunity to speak out against all forms of sexual violence in our community."


The Event

This Thursday, April 14th, the event will feature a welcoming community who is eager to broach the stigma surrounding this serious topic so as to provide a space for healing and reflection. 



Rally - outside of Barnard Hall at 7:45 PM, march to follow

Speak Out - Altschul Atrium at 10PM. Here, community members to share their stories, with the option of doing so anonymously. This portion will also feature performances of poetry and music by various campus artists. 

Make your Thursday night a meaningful one by getting involved in taking a stand against campus violence. 

Just in case you needed any more reason to go, here's JT.