The "Sweet"est Celeb: Angela Batuure


Name: Angela Batuure

Year: Junior
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD 
What are you involved with on and/or off-campus? On campus, I'm on the MRC and in a sorority. Off campus, I'm a brand ambassador for Sweetgreen and Dell.   
Why did you decide to become the Sweetgreen ambassador? I'm from the DC area, so I've always LOVED the brand and the quality of the food they serve. When I found they were opening one right next to Columbia I just about died. I really wanted to work for a company that really values the quality of their product and incorporates that into their company ethos. 
What's your favorite dish from Sweetgreen? I'm obsessed with the Harvest Bowl! I've probably had it for dinner every day for the last month. 
Fall is upon us, what is your must have for the season? Scarves! They upgrade any outfit, from "I just rolled out of bed" to "I just rolled out of bed and put on a scarf." It's a subtle yet crucial difference. 
Any fun plans for the upcoming break? I think I'm going to Canada. It seems just the right amount of random, yet totally doable. 
Favorite place to go in NYC to experience those fall vibes? Anywhere off campus! I love walking around the city in the fall because the weather is just perfect. Riverside park is absolutely stunning. I love running to 60th and just reading and people watching next to the water. 
What are you most excited for this upcoming year? Going abroad and the Netflix revivals of Gilmore Girls and Full House. 
Pumpkin spice latte or no? If no, then what? I've never had one before! I keep telling myself I'm going to get it, but I can't justify paying $5 for something I would probably prefer in pie form. I'm obsessed with apple cider, though! 
Any fun plans for Halloween? What are you planning on dressing up as? My roommate and I bought matching Pikachu onesies a few months ago. Now, we have to wear them on Halloween because people keep asking us if they are costumes, and that's a better answer than the fact we just ran out of pajamas.