Style Tips: Summer in the City

Happy summer, Barnumbia! Here are a few style tips for those of us working, taking classes, or otherwise living in the city over the next few months.

For work: dress conservatively, but keep it lightweight

Summer in New York gets very muggy and hot very quickly - more so than you might think. No one likes sweating over work in their cubicle; dress appropriately!


For your days off:

New York time-off style during the summer is just as eclectic as it is all other times of the year, just a bit less covered up. Think edgy casual and lots more black (as always!).


For nighttime:

Given that college students from across the country descend upon the city during the summer, you can expect the city nightlife scene to be nothing short of exciting. Make sure to pack enough clothes for all different evening activities: you never know what you'll encounter.