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Style Snapshot: Anisa Tavangar


Name: Anisa Tavangar


School, Year: BC ’18


Major: Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts


How would you describe your style in three words? I can’t decide between “Steve Jobs + makeup” or “Ina Garten + makeup.”


Who are your style inspirations?

I usually turn towards Instagram for inspiration. I love following super creative people, smaller designers, and indie magazines because they put out some really beautiful content in such a stunning range of aesthetics. And I think it’s important to note that style inspiration doesn’t have to be an outfit that you can replicate with your wardrobe. For me, it’s usually a mood that’s emulated in a page, a shoot, or a personality.

Fashion favorites:  @troprouge, @bellahadid (duh), @go_tavares, @shionat, @rox_brown, @bullettmagazine, oystermagazine, @amy_sall, @maryam_nassir_zadeh, @sincerelytommy_, @lisasaysgah, @palomija, @sickymag, @cakemagazine, @zeummag

Beauty favorites: @beautypapers, @isamayaffrench, @annasophiecosta, @greta_ag, @bleachlondon, @oysterbeauty, @samanthap_, @bystellablu

There are more, but you get the point with these.


Where do you shop?

Zara, Asos, Housing Works and anywhere that’s having a good sale. When I was photographed at NYFW, I was wearing Zara, J. Crew (on sale plus the student discount), and a Prada skirt that I got for $20 from Housing Works. I appreciate my pieces from elsewhere (vintage, sample sales, little boutiques etc.) but I would rather cut the time I spend searching through racks. And Sephora. Beauty is my first love (I was Hoot’s Beauty Director before becoming Editor-in-Chief) and I do freelance makeup work so I have an embarrassingly large stash.


What is a piece of style advice you live by?

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on clothes (or makeup) to look good— fashion is about strategy. Sure, spending hundreds of dollars increases your options but snagging something on sale or at a consignment shop is a much more satisfying rush.

Additionally, if you wear the same thing everyday like I basically do, play around with your makeup because makeup is fun.


What style tricks have you picked up from working on Hoot?

The biggest change in my own style since becoming Editor-in-Chief of Hoot is to be content with simplicity. There are always going to be aesthetics that I admire but I would much rather channel my creative efforts towards the magazine or painting than what I wear everyday. That’s where Steve and Ina come in. But style trick? Try new things because nothing feels better than taking a style risk and feeling on top of the world because of it. If people judge you for what you’re wearing, that’s their problem. Layer necklines, put a dress over pants, wear wide leg stuff, put a choker on.

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