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Stuck in My Head: Gotye Featuring Kimbra

 You probably think you’re pretty normal. Of course that word is relative, but you see yourself as having normal friends, a normal college experience, a normal outlook on life and love, an interest in normal activities, and an overall  normal demeanor..on most days.

Not to make you feel self-conscious, but this “normalcy” can sometimes be boring. We try so hard to conform that we repress our inner freaks. Admit that too–you also have a weird side whether it comes out when you are extremely overtired, in a very creative mode, when you’re with your closest friends, or perhaps when you are under the influence of things other than milk and cookies. And though we may roll eyes at the person that walks into the classroom with bright teal hair and mutter to the normal girl next to us, “Is she serious?” Or quickly dismiss someone’s strange comment with a “please never say that again” line, it’s hard to completely say that we don’t appreciate their boldness and their stepping into the domain of the uncanny. 
It’s true, deep down we are all somewhat enthralled by “strangeness” and people who are confident in and embrace their unconventional ways. 
I see music in a similar vein.

Yes, we are all comfortable listening to songs that give us the superficial, yet guaranteed music boost we’re looking for. But I will encourage you to take a small leap of faith and take my advice on this song. Gotye’s Indie song, “Somebody that I Used to Love” may trigger that immediate rejection response. Stop. Don’t click out, I implore you to listen to the song fully.

The “weirdness” in the beginning may actually:
a. Get you jamming… GO YOU for appreciating the use of the xylophone and spooky sounding chords.
b. Keep you listening in anticipation for the brilliant chorus

The song models the intense, emotional break-up that you’ve either had or will have…so take some notes. You start off kind of calmly, talking about better days or the small things that made you upset and then boom. It hits. The major things that drove you two apart. You “cut him off,” he “stooped so low”..and then you become nothing more than strangers to each other(or maybe that’s just what this song suggests). Depressing? Okay, I’ll give you that, but the music that evokes potent emotions within us are the best ones, right?

 As a result of this song, Gotye became an instant star in Australia. It became a top-charter, and you’ll surely see why. Don’t hesitate to listen to this song if you can never get enough of the Shins or Bono.

Without further ado, click on this link

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