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Stages of Writing an Essay: All Nighter Edition

Disclaimer: This is all based on a true story. Once upon a time, actually a week ago, I pulled an all nighter for an essay. I vow to never do that to myself again, and I urge you all not to pull one either. I wrote this article in hopes that I’m not the only one with a procrastination issue.

Monday: The professor gives out a handout with the essay prompt. You take the handout and cram it into your folder. You think to yourself, “I’ll read the prompt later.”


Tuesday: You think to yourself, “I should probably start on that essay. Nah, I’ve got time.”


Wednesday: You create a Google doc and put your name, professor’s name, class’ name, and date on your paper. That’s it.


Thursday: You run into someone from class and she tells you all about the essay she’s halfway done writing. She then asks you how your essay is going, and you feel terrible because you have to admit publicly that you haven’t started. Oh well, you won’t work on the essay tonight.


Friday: You think to yourself, “I should really get started on this paper.” Then a friend knocks on your door and asks if you want to go to a party…


Saturday: You sleep in and act lazy all day. You watch Netflix, tag friends in memes, and stare at the wall avoiding all responsibilities.


Sunday: You sleep in again and are repeating Saturday except, oh ya, there’s an essay due tomorrow. Better get started on that. You panic as you try to find fancy quotes in the reading because in all honesty, did you even do the reading? Sunday evening, you panic to all your friends during dinner about making the biggest mistake of procrastinating. You write frantically all night and just get more and more confused as to what your point even is. You pace the lounge in your dorm at 4 A.M. because you can’t even believe that you did this to yourself. When you finally finish the essay, you read it over a 100 times until you hate what you wrote and think it’s absolute garbage.


Monday: You turn it in and never want to see it again.


The End… until you get a notification from Canvas that the grade is up.


Rachel Beinus

Columbia Barnard '21

Rachel is a current junior at Barnard College studying history, as well as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Columbia Barnard. Not only does she enjoy writing, but she also loves Myers-Briggs personality types, fashion, and chocolate. 
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