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Senior Saturday: Emily Snedeker

Name: Emily Snedeker

School: CC

Major: English

1. What made you decide to come to Columbia?
Columbia was my first choice. I loved that it was in the city and still had such a beautiful campus. Not to mention, it’s an incredible school!


2. Thoughts on the core?
There are obviously some problems with the execution of the Core, but the idea of it is really wonderful. It is something that binds all CC and SEAS students together. My uncle went to CC and we’ve discussed Lit Hum books in the past. I vividly remember studying with everyone for Lit Hum finals freshman year. It also makes us more well-rounded as students. Over spring break, I was in Spain and went to so many museums that housed paintings I studied in Art Hum–it made me appreciate it so much more because I had studied them.


3. What are some of the extracurriculars in which you have been most involved over the last few years?
Student theatre! Last year I produced The 121st Annual Varsity Show. I’m currently the treasurer of the Columbia University Performing Arts League and producing King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe’s outdoor Spring Show: Macbeth (April 28, 29, 30th come see it, it’s free and going to be amazing!). I’m also in a sorority.


4. What is your favorite study spot on campus?
The study carrels on the 3rd floor of Butler.


5. What’s the best class you’ve taken thus far and why?
The Bloomsbury Group with Victoria Rosner (which I think is now called Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group). It was an amazing interdisciplinary seminar and everyone I took it with was so smart and engaged. We talked about everything – literature, art, economics, film, interior design, etc. and everything was interconnected. It was all so fascinating to me.


6. Who is your hero here at school? 
So many people here are so incredible and amazing! It’s impossible to pick just one! My heroes have mostly been the people who were upperclassmen when I was a freshman who inspired me to take on leadership roles and do things I never thought I would.


7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Living in a trendy neighborhood in NYC with an awesome job in arts administration (hopefully!)


8. If you had to give one piece of advice to the incoming freshmen, what would it be?
The way to make lasting friends at Columbia is to join groups/clubs/societies/etc! There is literally a club for everything, so find the people that have the same interests as you. It will keep you from completely being sucked into the stress culture and stop you from feeling like you need to spend all your time in Butler. The nights you spend doing fun and crazy stuff are the ones you’ll remember so it’s okay if you skip out on studying to do something you’ll enjoy more sometimes. 


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