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Well, collegiettes, it’s that time of year again; time to say goodbye to a summer well-spent (hopefully), pack up our bold beautiful selves, and reclaim Morningside Heights as our own.  The end of sun-kissed glows and reasons to don our favorite swimsuits is always a bittersweet affair, but, luckily, September has a lot in store for us. I find that one event in particular eases the pain of summer’s passing and keeps me itching for autumn: New York Fashion Week. As residents of one of the most cutting edge cities on Earth, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by its beauty and excitement, and (if you’re really lucky) you might even be able to see a show or two.

While I still haven’t let go of the dream of viewing a live fashion show, until recently, I’d made peace with the fact that I’ll never be in one.  Alas, my 5’1 height has made that goal unachievable. So, I guess I’m resigned to sitting on the sidelines while some other glamorized Amazons show off the latest fashions…right?

Wrong. Lucky for me, and any other under-6-foot girl who has dreamed strutting their stuff on the catwalk, Her Campus Nationals feels our pain and decided it’s about time that we collegiettes got our turn. That’s right. On October 10th, Her Campus will host a College Fashion Week in NYC (as well as Boston, DC, and Atlanta) and they want you to be the models.

Why be a College Fashion Week model?

I think the better question is “why not?” You get totally styled for free – we’re talking hair, makeup, brows, the full nine-yards – a VIP goody bag, and professional photos to take home.  Not to mention, you’ll be the resident campus celeb for weeks to come after everyone sees you work it on the runway.

How can you take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

It’s easier than you think: just visit collegefashionweek.com/model to fill out a short and sweet application. Then, post a selfie to your Instagram (but make sure it’s public!) and mention @HerCampusCFW with the hashtags #CastMeCFW and #NYC.  It’s that easy! Gotta love modern technology; am I right? Just make sure you submit your selfie by September 18th for a chance to live out your modeling dreams! Good luck!

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Sofia Lyons

Columbia Barnard

I'm a first year student at Barnard and aspiring fashion journalist, hoping to bring my fellow collegiettes some style tips & info about upcoming trends! I also love singing/songwriting, dancing, event planning, community service, eating good food, and exploring NYC.
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