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Riding the Subway on Halloweekend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Taking the Subway is always a journey. No matter how familiar you are with the route or if you manage to snag a coveted seat, something wild is bound to happen. This effect seems to intensify every Halloweekend in NYC. Here are a few thoughts I had while using the MTA this weekend:


1. Who are you supposed to be?

At the Museum of Natural History stop, hordes of children pulled by their parents got on the train, as usual, but this time dressed to the nines. Some were obvious: hello puffy cinderella. And some were puzzling…are you a ninja kid? A version of the earth people from Avatar: Last Airbender? Please explain why you need to carry around this silver duct tape golf put.


2. Are you comfortable?

Whether it’s sky high heels or a sweaty looking unicorn onesie, how are you surviving? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much have you sacrificed your well-being in order to win that best costume prize?


3. Where are you headed?

Is it your friend’s chill patio in Williamsburg? An underground club in Chelsea? Donde vas?????


4. I’m amazed by your creativity.

Nothing is better than a good 50 Shades of Grey DIY or a Netflix and Chill couples costume.


5. Please keep your sword pointed away from me.

I know you want to be a legit Ninja Turtle but please don’t impale me on my commute home.


Have a Happy, and safe, Halloweekend!


Sydney Hotz

Columbia Barnard

Sydney is in love with New York City, dogspotting, and chorizo tacos. She's an aspiring novelist, a Barnard feminist, and might deny she was born in New Jersey.