A Playlist To Get Into The Winter Spirit That Isn’t Christmas Music

Growing up, my mom enforced a hard clause that Christmas music was not to be played until after Thanksgiving. She’s since loosened the timeline; there are so few days in the Christmas season, she argues, that the whole of November should be Christmas music time. Still, I propose a new genre: Music To Get Into The Winter Spirit That Isn’t Christmas Music. If, like me, you associate music with seasons, you’ve been listening to your Autumn playlist for a few months and are perhaps beginning to get a little tired of it. You want something that reminds you of impending snow and hot chocolate and general seasonal cheer! Well you’re in luck—I’ve created a playlist scientifically designed to put you in that mood that avoids any mentions of Christmas altogether! It’s been passed around from friend to friend, and now I give it to you!

Click the GIF below to get the playlist!

It’s full of Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes and Phoebe Bridgers, so get ready to feel freakin’ wintery!