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Candles And Flowers
Candles And Flowers
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

My Unhealthy Obsession with Scented Candles

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

When I lived at home, my mom had two rules that she never budged about: curfew is at 11 p.m. and no scented candles in the house. Although the curfew caused much more annoyance, my candle-free life was definitely characterized by longing which I could never fulfill. I tried Bath and Body Works air fresheners and sitting by a warm fire, but nothing quite matched the glory of lighting a scented candle and experiencing the room fill with its delightful smell and warm glow.  

Now that I am living on my own, I have been able to fill that longing by buying an abundance of scented candles. I have tried everything from “Mint & Basil” to “Tranquil Morning.” Each new scent brings me joy. My candles accompany me when I attend online classes and when I am staying up until dawn completing assignments or laughing with my roommates. They transform dinners into something special even if you are just having chicken nuggets.

The only downside to scented candles is the fact that they must burn away. It is always a sad day when the wax is gone and you are unable to welcome the cherished smell into your home anymore. The fact that I have only been allowed to use candles for a few months now and yet I have experienced many of these tragic deaths demonstrates my unhealthy obsession. 

My only tip to you if you decide to embrace this candle obsession like I have — although who are we kidding, this decision seizes us, leaving us no choice but to obey — is to always be safe when lighting your candle. Although it may be tempting to use napkins or paper towels to light your candle when your lighter becomes too short to catch the wick, do not do it. I may or may not be speaking from experience, but it most definitely does not end well.

With all of this in mind, proceed at your own pace. Buy a candle from Duane Reade. They have a marvelous collection, including smells like “Mint & Basil” that calm your room and your soul. Then, soon, you’ll be like me: a crazy candle lady. With that label, however, comes warm hugs and cozy lighting — two things I will never complain about. 

Bella Druckman

Columbia Barnard '24

Hi! My name is Bella Druckman, and I am a freshman at Barnard majoring in English and Human Rights. I’m from Chicago, but love the big city of New York. I love to bake - especially cookies - and share those goodies with my friends. When I’m not taking photos, or crafting, you can find me fighting for social justice or spreading my kindness through the world.