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Sitcoms are perfect for when you want to watch something fun but don’t want to commit to 40 minutes of unending drama each episode. I find them perfect for college life and will often put one on while I eat lunch in between my classes. They’re lighthearted, funny, and very heartwarming. Here are my top five sitcoms!

(Spoiler warning: There are some slight spoilers!)


Community is and always will be my favorite sitcom of all time. It’s easily the best and the most underrated show; I’ve annoyed all my friends trying to force them to watch it. I’ve rewatched this show countless times, and every single time, I notice new easter eggs.

Community is about a crazy friend group and its adventures at a community college. The characters are all so unique and every single episode surprises you with a pleasantly weird plot. The show went through some hard times. After being dropped and picked up by different networks and having creator Dan Harmon fired, season four was collectively agreed upon by fans to be the worst. Thankfully, Harmon came back for the fifth season, and the characters themselves dismissed the events of the previous season, referring to it as “the gas leak year.”

Harmon later went on to work on Rick and Morty, another favorite of mine, so if you enjoy the writing and humor in that, give Community a shot!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I first heard about Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in 2018 when Fox canceled the show after its fifth season. This decision sparked a huge social media outcry, and within 24 hours, the show was picked up and saved by NBC. Now, it’s probably one of the most popular TV shows on air, and it’s been renewed for season eight.  

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a detective named Jake Peralta and his precinct, the 99th. This show is incredibly well-written, and I’ve established a deep emotional connection to every single character. Seasonal specials like the yearly Halloween Heist are fan favorites, and I look forward to them every time. I rewatched Brooklyn Nine-Nine this quarantine with my brother and was immediately reminded how much I ship Peraltiago. It’s just so emotional when you rewatch and see your favorite TV couple fall in love again after binging the entire show in a week.

The Office

I strongly disagree with people who say The Office is “overrated.” It’s where so many popular reaction memes come from and it easily has some of the best cold opens. The show has such a weird sense of humor and every character is so unique. Nothing about it is overrated.

The Office is a mockumentary series following a group of typical office workers and their boss, Michael Scott, who goes way over the top for literally everything. It takes a while to get used to Michael, but you learn to love him. Like most people, I found season one a little hard to get through, but once the directors have set the scene and developed the characters, it only goes uphill (until Michael leaves; then it’s back downhill). I’ve also been listening to the Office Ladies podcast, in which costars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey break down each episode. Listening has been stirring up so many memories!

New Girl

I am currently in the process of rewatching New Girl (I’m starting to realize I rewatch old shows way too much) and it just really warms my heart. The show follows quirky Jessica Day and her three roommates in Los Angeles. I remember watching this back in middle school and not understanding most of the adult references, but now that I do, it’s ten times funnier. 

New Girl is such a fun show to watch during breaks and whenever I’m bored. A huge reason I started rewatching it is that for some reason, a TikTok of Nick Miller’s most famous quotes out of context popped up on my For You Page. And now I’m watching Schmidt’s embarrassing attempts to seduce Cece all over again and Winston getting bullied by his roommates for seven seasons straight.

Modern Family

Another mockumentary, Modern Family, follows one large family and the weird situations it encounters. The only reason this show is ranked lower on this list is that I never finished it — but I definitely plan to. I remember how big Modern Family was back in middle school, and although I never got to the later seasons, this show was absolute gold.

There’s something so heartwarming about watching a show that follows the characters as they grow up. Modern Family ended this year after 11 seasons, and it’s just so emotional to see how much the kids have grown.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands right now or maybe I’m just irresponsible with school work, but these days I’ve been watching and rewatching all my favorite sitcoms. I’ll start a show and before I know it, a week has passed, I’ve finished binging it, and my life is once again empty. 

Maybe I’ll just fill that void by rewatching Community for the sixth time.

Angela Tan

Columbia Barnard '24

Angela is a Chinese-American freshman at Barnard, where she wants to major in psychology and minor in education. She loves baking although she's not very good at it and enjoys talking about horror movies, Taylor Swift, and her dog Oreo.
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