My Personal Experience with Going to Sleep Earlier

As a college student, I’ve spent some nights working on a paper or a lab way past my bedtime, and those nights have been brutal. I’m half asleep and writing down things my brain doesn’t fully comprehend, but at the same time, I know I have a deadline and I need to finish. The next day my brain feels fried and functions (at best) at half of how it usually does. 

Recently there was this one night (it was about ten at night) where I was so tired, but still had a bunch of assignments to do. I could barely keep my eyes open. So, in frustration, I pushed back my chair and said to myself, “I’m going to sleep!” And that’s what I did. I closed my laptop, got ready for bed, and slept. I set my alarm for six in the morning, which is early o'clock for me. But when I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new person. Even though I woke up much earlier than I was used to, I got the right amount of sleep and felt refreshed. I got into studying-mode and began working on everything I needed to finish. This changed my life. 

Although it felt scarier since I was finishing the assignment the day it was due, I was able to finish it with a clear and awake mind. I also had a better mood while finishing the assignment, which was reflected in its quality. In an earlier article about procrastination, I say that it’s better to do something earlier than leave it for later, but if you are in the situation where it’s healthier for you to do it later, then that’s the better option. Ultimately you are the judge of what is best for you.

I’m now trying to opt for working with an earlier sleep schedule. I just feel so refreshed and ready to do the work in the morning. Sometimes I end up going to sleep later than usual, but that’s ok. If you prefer finishing everything at night, you do you. I recommend trying out an early sleep schedule, because it can introduce you to a new method of sleep and work.