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Michael Fox-Moles: The GIF Master

Name: Michael Fox-Moles

Hometown: Stafford, VA (I couldn’t find a gif for this one, sorry everyone)

School/Year: CC ’15

Major: Psych

Realtionship? Ready to settle down? Is that a thing? Can I say that as a senior?

Tell us a little bit about what you do on campus: I’m one of the Captains of the Swim Team (9-2 shoutout to my team), the Community Advisor of Hogan, Ruggles, Watt, and Q-House, a Class Rep. for the CC ’15 Class Council, the Marshal for Sigma Nu, and I teach University Swim Classes.

Spring Break plans: I’m actually stuck on campus this Spring Break, so if you’re around let’s grab coffee. Or a drink. Or build a fort out of pillows and sheets. You know, grown up stuff
All of your Monday classes have been cancelled, how do you spend your day? Just classes? Morning practice, nap all day, afternoon practice, eat everything. 
What is one thing you have always wanted to try? I’ve always wanted to rebuild a motorcycle and then just drive off for a few months with no particular destination. Does that count?
Biggest turn on: Someone who can challenge me. Something about a strong woman just does it for me, I guess.
Biggest turn off: Tied between someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor and someone who can’t hold a conversation.
Celebrity crush: Oh man… Diana Agron, I pretty much watched Glee for her. Not a big fan of the cheerleader get-up though.
Cannons, 1020, or Mel’s: I’m actually a Heights sort of guy, although if there are no margs, I do enjoy some whiskey at 1020 or splitting a pitcher at Cannons.
What are three things we should know about you? 
  1. My greatest fear is drowning (ironic, huh?)
  2. If you don’t love dogs we can’t be friends
  3. I’m usually in a good mood and if I’m not, I’m probably just hungry.
Deal-breakers: Anyone who is way too into their looks, my looks, other people’s looks, whatever. Attraction is great, but substance is important.
What is at the top of your Columbia bucket list? I’ve always wondered what the top of Low is like… but really, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t fail.
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