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Merry Christmas: Tips for a Successful HOCO

With midterms upon us and a drop in the temperature, perhaps homecoming is the furthest thing from your mind…or maybe it’s what’s getting you through the next two weeks.

Before you head to Baker Athletics Complex (533 W. 218th St.) on October 22nd to see the lions face off against Dartmouth, here are some tips to make the most of the day.

  1. Wake up early–this is homecoming at Columbia, aka the one day (other than Bacchanal) that we get to tailgate like a big State School. So if you’re not a morning person, either suck it up or go to bed extra early the night before because ~events~ will be starting as early as 9 or 10 am. Set your alarm accordingly.

  2. Eat breakfast! This is key. Enjoy a few waffles or some bagels from Absolute Bagels, especially if you are going to be engaging in early day drinking (provided you are 21+). No one wants to be that person that gets CAVAED at 10 am.

  3. Dress appropriately–go to the CU bookstore if you have to. You should look like an eager prospie who has just decided that Columbia is her/his dream school…you should be wearing as much CU apparel as you can, complete with blue face paint, stickers, caps or hats.

  4. Keep track of your friends–with all the crowds and pre-game events it can be easy to lose your friends, but try to make sure they are all okay. We know it sounds lame, but having a buddy system can really help.

  5. Travel smart–take advantage of the complimentary shuttle buses to and from the football field. Buses leave every 15 minutes from the gate at W. 116th St. and Broadway from 10:30 a.m. until the start of the game.

  6. Take pictures–take some cute pictures with your friends, but remember to only post appropriate ones on social media. No one needs to see a picture of your friend who didn’t even make it to the game.

  7. Hydrate–keep a water bottle at your side throughout the day because this may not be UMICH, but football game days can get tiring and you want to make sure you’re keeping yourself properly hydrated and fueled for the day.

And, of course, have fun and try not to care too much about the score!

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