Meet the Team: Writer Ava Ferry

School & Class: Barnard College, class of 2022

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Are you involved with anything on or off campus?

I am involved in Barnard Babysitting, so I work a lot for families throughout the city in my free time. Between adjusting to college and working several hours a week, I haven’t had time to think in-depth about other clubs I want to get involved in, but in the coming semesters I plan to get involved in clubs related to fashion and style, do some more writing, and join a couple of pre-professional clubs (I’m an aspiring lawyer).

2. What do you think Her Campus Media stands for?

I think it stands for the creative passions of college students across the country. The variety of topics and freedom to write about whatever piques your interest makes Her Campus so multifaceted and ever-changing. To date, I have written about eating disorders, fashion, and manicures; and done tutorials on  piercing your own ears, applying glossier makeup, and making food in your dorm, to name just a few. The ability to write about whatever interests me that week is very exciting as a writer, but as a longtime reader for Her Campus, getting that weekly look into the mindspace of a different college student has kept me coming back.

3. Why did you choose Columbia or Barnard?

I chose Barnard (I applied Early Decision) because I wanted to go to a school that valued women’s education and the woman’s voice in the classroom. Its connection to Columbia provides all the resources and opportunities of a major urban university, while Barnard’s small campus and close-knit community, as well as its commitment to advising, mental health, and individual attention, offered the benefits that come with a small liberal arts college. Three months in, I can confidently and enthusiastically say that I made the right choice: Barnard is everything I expected and more.

4. What inspires you to write?

My writing impulse comes from two drastically different parts of myself. When it comes to writing short stories and narratives, as I have done for the past 6 years, reflecting on my own experiences, particularly difficult ones, is what prompts me to pick up the pen. Writing for Her Campus channels another side of me: I get excited about a fashion trend, a book, or a makeup brand, and in a wave of inspiration I write about it. This writing comes from the lighter, more positive side of myself, and it gives me a way to use my creative outlet in a way that moves forward rather than dwells.

5. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about women’s rights, fashion, reading, history, and exploring NYC.

6. What positive changes do you want to see in the college/university?

I want to see Barnard split with its current food provider Aramark, which is a huge player in the prison industrial complex and has been widely criticized for its abhorrent treatment of prisoners. To go to a school that purports to care so much about social justice (in fact, I’m taking a class on the Prison Industrial Complex right now), I find it strange that Barnard continues to use Aramark, and I would like to see Barnard use Columbia Dining services instead.

7. Who is your role model?

My role models are the incredible women I go to school with, those who have tons of Barnard pride and who are surpassing the boundaries that were put on them before they came here. Those who came even though family members doubted the merits of a women’s college, those who chose it over Columbia College because Barnard aligned more with their values, and those who are unabashedly excited to learn and grateful to be here. Those are my role models.

8. If you could make one change in the world, what would it be and why?

I would remove Donald Trump and his cabinet from the White House. He is a hemorrhoid on the ass of humanity, change my mind.

9. What are you most looking forward to during winter break?

I’m not looking forward to leaving NYC and Barnard, but I am looking forward to a break from work. The work I do here is extremely interesting, but it is also a lot and I am excited to have time to explore my other creative passions outside of academics. I am also excited to go back to LA and drive on the freeway.