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Meet Deniz Rosenberger, Founder of Jewelry Design Company Denrose!

1. Tell me a little about yourself. What are your favorite hobbies and interests?

I used to be a national swimmer, so I still like to swim and do other workouts. Also, I love to travel! I just went to Sicily a few weeks ago for a wedding, which was stunning.


2. So before you came to Columbia, you studied fine arts for a year at Central Saint Martins. What inspired you to study fine arts? 

My mum is a sculptor, so I pretty much grew up in her studio. I know how the art world works and since I was little, and it was clear that I would do something creative one way or another.


3. Why did you decide to come to Columbia after studying at Central Saint Martins? 

I wanted to improve my academic writing, critical thinking, and simply get a well-rounded education. I don’t think you can be a good artist or designer without these skills. I especially loved CC and the Core in general. 


4.  This spring, you are launching your own jewelry design company called Denrose. What motivated you to start this company? 

I designed my first piece of jewelry when I was 15 with a goldsmith in Istanbul. Since then, I pretty much wear my own designs all the time. I constantly get a lot of positive feedback for my jewelry and sometimes, people even stop me on the street to ask about the jewelry I am wearing. Overall, to start a jewelry collection was a very organic decision.


5. What kind of jewelry will you be making? 

I will be doing fine jewelry and use primarily rose gold and diamonds. My jewelry is delicate and meant for everyday wear. Further, I want to offer very high quality but at a more affordable cost than traditional brands.


6. When did you start working with precious stones and metals? 

Very early, when I was around 15. I even learnt how to goldsmith after high school, so I know how to melt gold, cast negative forms, and set stones.


7. What are your goals for Denrose? 

At this moment, my business plan is still changing. Thus, my goals are changing a little bit as well. But overall, I know I want to create a company that adds value to both its customers and the jewelry market. What this means is that I want to experiment with fair-trade gold and ethical diamonds.




8. What has been the hardest part about starting Denrose? 

This will sound a bit cheesy, but I enjoyed every part of starting this so far. Nothing was truly difficult, but rather exciting!


9. How do you balance starting a business and schoolwork? 

Haha not well at all. I can’t wait to be done with this semester, so I can fully concentrate on my project.


11. What advice would you give to people looking to start a business? 

You need a strong support network, which can be friends and family, mentors, professors etc. etc.


12. What are your biggest art inspirations? 

There is so many! My favorite sculptor of all time is Rodin. His art just evokes so many feelings and I can get lost in his works for hours. Contemporary artists I like are Xu Zhen and the light artists Ivan Navarro and Jim Campbell. Also, I just went to Stormking and really liked Maya Lin’s “Wave field”.


13. Who are your favorite jewelry designers? 

I like Elsa Peretti and a few pieces of her collection for Tiffany. They are beautifully delicate and timeless. When it comes to high fine jewelry, I really like Bulgari’s and Cartier’s early collections. They are simply stunning! Pomellato and De Grisogono are my favorites for colored stones.


14. Who is your biggest role model? 

Both my grandmother and my mum! I am very lucky to have such strong female characters in my life and owe them a lot.


15. Congrats on making it to Senior Year! What is one thing you hope to do before you graduate? 

Well, I will be done in December, so I only have one month left. But I have one more film project for my video class, so I hope that I will create a good short film before I graduate.


16. Looking back on your time at Columbia, what advice would you give to your freshman self? 

Don’t worry about what other people think about you.


17. What has been your favorite memory at Columbia so far? 

I met so many wonderful people at Columbia, so all my favorite memories were with them! 


Check out some of Deniz's fine jewelry designs below! 

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