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Meet Christie’s Latest Intern, Bryce Smith!

School & class: Barnard, Class of 2017

Major: Art History, Athena Scholar

Hometown: Rye, New York

Tell me a little about yourself. What are you favorite hobbies and interests?

As an art history major, I really enjoy going with friends to galleries and museums! I am also part of the Met College Group, which works to enhance museum programming with regard to local college students. The group has been one of my favorite things so far that I’ve done in college. 

Are you involved in anything on campus? 

I am a member of Barnard SGA’s Committee on Arts. I run their social media and help to act as an “Art Liason,” sending out emails that notify students of art events and programs taking place around campus and in the larger NYC area. I am also part of Ally Pass’s Meet Me at the Museum. I gave my first tour last Friday to a group of 22 third graders. 

In addition to studying Art History, you are currently interning at Christies. What inspired you to study and pursue a career in art? 

My mom is actually an amazing artist and she once helped me to do a great art project for an English class in high school. The art history teacher at my school saw the project and told me I should take AP Art History. I ended up loving the AP class and applied for a summer internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The rest followed from there.

What is your favorite museum in the city? 

The Met! But I’m very biased. I also love MoMA PS1 for their programming, especially their summer warm up series. 

Who are your favorite artists? 

George Brecht, Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock, Carolee Schneemann, and Chuck Close, just to name a few! I’m currently writing my thesis on Tania Bruguera, a Cuban artist currently working in New York. 

As a Design Intern at Christies, what are some of your tasks and responsibilities? 

The design department sells a variety of property including furniture, lighting, ceramics and sculptures from the Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Modernist and Contemporary movements. I help the department in compiling catalogue notes, researching specific works of art, artists, and museums. 

What has been your favorite part about working for Christies? 

I was down in the warehouse a few weeks ago and the art handlers were moving a piece of art. It ended up being a Michelangelo - I couldn’t stop staring! 

In addition to working at Christies, you have also worked at the Gagosian Gallery and the MET. Do you have any advice for people looking to pursue a career in art? 

Each experience has been so different. I would say to get as much experience as possible before you make a decision on where you want to work. 

How do you balance schoolwork and an internship? 

I am only in three seminars this semester, so I really only have to write papers! It just requires extra planning and being extremely focused when you finally sit down to work. 

Who is your biggest role model? 

My mom and my sister – they are both so strong and have taught me how to tackle challenges head on. 

Congrats on making it to senior year! Do you have any hopes or plans for after college? 

I didn’t go abroad while I was in college, so I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to live and experience a new city. 

What has been your favorite memory at Barnard so far? 

Not technically school related, but spring break ;) 

Looking back on your experiences, what advice would you give to your freshman self? 

I wished I stayed uptown and went out a lot more freshman year! 

In your opinion, what is one thing all freshman should do to get a full New York City/ Columbia experience? 

Late night Koronets.

What is one thing you hope to do before you graduate? 

Make it to the concert at Bacchanal - I still haven’t been!

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