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Meet and Greet: HC Barnard’s New Leading Ladies


Welcome back to snowy Barnard! As Toby and Giselle are both abroad this semester, we’re so excited to be carrying the torch and continuing this wonderful site.  This semester, we’re committed to publishing your voice, and are constantly wondering what you think about life at Barnard and in New York City. We all need a guide to help us navigate life on campus, and who knows this place better that all of you? We’re always looking for new writers and new people to contribute to the site, so please reach out to us by writing to lianagergely@hercampus.com or as3765@barnard.edu with any and all ideas or with any requests about what you’d like to see on the site. We’re so grateful to be able to work for Her Campus Barnard and hope that you will enjoy procrastinating by pursuing our collection of witty, relevant, and thoughtful articles as much as we love writing them.

Get ready to see some exciting changes to Her Campus Barnard! Firstly, the blog section—which you’re reading right now, will feature a collection of columnists writing bi-weekly about the things that matter most to a Barnard girl: fashion, food, relationships, New York City, and happiness! Secondly, the campus style section will now showcase fashionable individuals on campus and profile their favorite places to shop, their seasonal must-haves, and their style inspiration. Make sure to read the articles, comment on them, and fill out our weekly poll so we can keep the site something that YOU want to read.

Before we embark on this exciting semester, we thought we’d share with you all a little bit about us, the faces behind Her Campus Barnard.


Liana Gergely

Class: 2014

Major: English (with a theater concentration) and Dance

Most recently played song on my ipod: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Must-have item for winter: My giant furry ear-muffs

Make-up must have: Fresh’s Sun Face glow (the best tinted moisturizer around!)

What keeps me awake: Wondering who Gossip Girl is (before I found out!)

5 fun facts about me:

1. I spent the fall semester studying meditation at a Buddhist monastery in India

2. I love condiments and put ketchup and mayonnaise on everything

3. I’m happiest in the middle of the ocean or lying down in the middle of a dance studio

4. My favorite thing about NYC is the Union Square Holiday Market

5. I’m currently writing a book on spirituality and happiness for teenagers

Alexandra Shapiro

Class: 2014

Major: American Studies (with a media concentration)

Most recently played song on my ipod: Building a Mystery by Sarah Mclachlan

Must-have item for winter: Anything cream and cashmere

Make-up must have: Turquoise eye-liner

What keeps me awake: Unresolved conversations

5 fun facts about me:

1. Extremely close with my siblings

2. When I was younger, I was fired by my voice teacher because I apologized during a lesson

3. I’ve been going back to the same tiny beach town, Rockport MA, every summer since I was born

4. My favorite visual is the window displays on 5th avenue

5. I have secret aspirations to be in the CIA


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Liana Gergely

Columbia Barnard

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