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As we approach finals season, the stress is inevitably going to overcome us. Soon, we will be consumed by our studies, leaving only time to study, sleep, and eat. However, when we are in this zone, it is important to remember how to care for ourselves beginning with maintaining a positive mindset. After all, without a positive mindset, it is impossible to succeed on your exams. 

In my life, I have found that in order for my stress to decrease, I need to talk to myself in my head. This may seem silly, but it actually works. Trust me. If you cannot trust yourself, then no one can. In order to help you practice some of the same tricks that I use when I am stressed, I have chosen some of my favorite mantras to share with you. These can be said while you are taking an exam or when you are falling asleep at night. They are great for motivation and an excellent way to ground yourself. 

  1. I am enough.

  2. It is going to be okay.

  3. I am a badass bitch.

  4. My schoolwork does not define me.

  5. I am bold, intelligent, and amazing.

  6. Pain is temporary.

  7. This is what I’m here for.

  8. Challenges make me stronger.

  9. I am loved.

  10. Greatness does not come easy.

  11. Say yes to discomfort.

  12. I want to grow.

  13. This too shall pass.

  14. I am making myself proud.

As we begin finals, just remember — your grades do not define you and this has been a wacky semester. Give yourself the space to forgive yourself because you are trying your best and that is all that matters. 

Bella Druckman

Columbia Barnard '24

Hi! My name is Bella Druckman, and I am a freshman at Barnard majoring in English and Human Rights. I’m from Chicago, but love the big city of New York. I love to bake - especially cookies - and share those goodies with my friends. When I’m not taking photos, or crafting, you can find me fighting for social justice or spreading my kindness through the world.
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