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Make Your Party Red-Carpet Worthy: Lights, Camera, Oscars

 A collegiette’s typical Sunday night routine is a marathon event of the mountains of reading that were put off all week (and then weekend) long, procrastinating with just
more episode of Gossip Girl, and dashing from meeting to meeting…but not this week!

Just in time to pull you out of that midterms-induced slump and drag you out of the Stacks at a more socially acceptable hour, this weekend is Oscar weekend! Banish your typical sweats and studying routine in favor of a sophisticated get together to commemorate the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony airing Sunday night at 7pm on ABC.  After the initial hurdle of locating a significantly sized TV as the centerpiece of your gathering, use these three easy tips to ensure Oscar night enjoyment and a classy, intimate party your friends are sure to remember long after the credits stop rolling!
1. Serve Sophisticated Snacks
Without setting yourself up for the burden of a full-fledged Academy Award dinner party, provide your guests with just enough delicious, unique munchies to keep them happy without breaking the bank or spending your night in the kitchen stressing. Trader Joe’s has amazing prepared hors d’oeuvres in generous portions that you can just pop in the oven and then go back to enjoying your own party. This is a bite-sized, New Years Eve-style meal—steer clear of greasy Super Bowl fare to maintain a classy vibe. Instead, opt for mini egg rolls, sushi, or a simple yet filling cheese, meat, and cracker platter. Baked by Melissa cupcakes are the perfect compliment when dessert time rolls around.

Gourmet, adorably miniature, and classy—now that is a trifecta guaranteed to impress your guests and perfectly match your party’s award-winning mood.
2. Amp Up Your Décor  Achieving perfection with your Oscar night décor is all about channeling Old Hollywood glamour, even in the limiting confines of a dorm or apartment. Think lots of luxurious seating, dim lighting, and classy details. Okay, so you’re thinking that sounds totally unrealistic for your microscopic common space, but think again! All you need to romanticize your seating area in front of the TV are some cute cushions that normally occupy your desk chairs or seating in other rooms. For lighting, strands of white lights accompanied by floor lamps are ideal for creating an intimate mood and keeping things bright enough to snack and avoid spills without casting an annoying yellow glare across Brangelina’s hotness. Add a crisp black tablecloth, two stacks of metallic-y cocktail napkins, a clandestine candle or two, and voilà! Goodbye student housing, hello swanky downtown pad.
3. Dress Up Your Drinks
Oscar night is so not a Natty Light kind of occasion. In lieu of Pong-ready Solo cups and sticky beer just waiting to spill all over your couch or bed from some precarious perch, serve lighter beverages like an evening version of the classic mimosa (simply use less breakfast-y juices).

Regardless of whether you mix it or serve it by its sophisticated self, you simply can’t go wrong on when you pop open some classy bubbly on Oscar night. Martinelli’s sparkling cider is a great non-alcoholic alternative that comes in so many creative flavors, plus you can pick up a few bottles so easily when you swing by Westside! No matter what you select when picking your poison, just remember to keep your drinks in line with your ideal mood for the evening: sophisticated, relaxed, and red-carpet ready to guarantee glamorous memories and all-around Oscar night success!

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