Major Spotlight: Comparative Literature

To help undecided students get a sense of what different majors are like, this semester Her Campus Barnard/Columbia is doing a series of major spotlights asking people for their thoughts and experiences with different departments.

This week’s major spotlight focuses on the Comparative Literature major. Thanks to Emilie Biggs (CC '21) for letting me interview her for this article!

Her Campus: What’s your major?

Emilie Biggs: Comparative Literature and Society.

HC: What do you think of the department overall?

EB: It is full of absolute geniuses who specialize in a variety of fields and languages. It is cross-disciplinary and works heavily with other departments on campus. I cannot stress enough how smart and accomplished everyone is and how in awe I am of the fact that they are even on this campus.

HC: What’s something you like about the department?

EB: Since ICLS (institute for comparative literature and society) is an institute, not a department, it puts a lot of effort into putting together different panels and events that students can attend. I also really enjoy how incredibly diverse the overall Comp Lit body of knowledge is—everyone is a specialist in their own area of study, and part of what makes the department so impressive is its success in combining these areas of study to offer really cool classes and opportunities.

HC: Any advice for people thinking about the major?

EB: Start working on the language requirement right now, but also don’t stress if it isn’t complete by the time you have to apply—they are much more lenient about the application process as a whole than one might think.