A Luxe Way to Fill Your Time & Protect Your Skin on a Flight

Your flight home for Thanksgiving might have unintended consequences: dry and irritated skin. Here is the skincare routine I use (as much as I can) to look dewy and renewed when I land. This beats any inflight entertainment your airline is going to provide you.

  1. 1. Makeup Remover

    Trust me, just use it.

  2. 2. Mask

    This is not only the most luxurious part of this process, but also the most important and detoxifying.

  3. 3. Toner

    Don't skip this step.

  4. 4. Moisturizer

    This will feed your skin with all the nutrients it lost during your flight.

  5. 5. Hand Lotion

    Your skin dries out in the air, so use lotion to fix it.

  6. 6. Water

    Drink lots of water, preferably something alkaline to hydrate your body and prevent inflammation.

If you implement these tips the next time you fly, your skin will thank you.