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Little Update, Big Apple: Halloweekend & Fall Break Edition

This year your Halloweekend and Fall Break blog is going to be told by the top songs on Spotify. We’ve decided that these songs are all toppin’ the charts because they are catchy af to listen to, and then we realized they are also simultaneously way too relevant to our lives right now.


1. Adele: Hello

Your midterms are over at least for a little bit, and you finally have time to think about other things. You can say hello to your friends again. You can say hello to your mom again. You can procrastinate on the internet again, so you go to watch the new Adele video and your thoughts include nothing but WHO IS THAT BOY? Well, he is 26-year-old Tristan Wilds. You vaguely recognize him from 90210, and you spend the next 20 minutes wondering why you were obsessed with Matt Lanter when the show was on air and not Tristan. You kindle the flame of a new love, and spend the next hour stalking him online to make up for lost time.



2. Drake: 1-800-HOTLINEBLING

Even amidst the craziness we call midterms, we trust that you’ve seen Drake’s new music video. We used his video to justify the groutfit that we had on in the library all week. But let’s face it, only Drake can get away “dancing” in a polychromatic cube/ambiguous geometric enclosure for 4 straight minutes. We don’t think we need to say more, but P.S., his groutfit also makes a great costume.



3. The Weeknd: The Hills

These are the hills you are going to see in suburbia when you finally leave the island of Manhattan this weekend for fall break. You realize you haven’t left the city in way too long, and that you have been counting Brooklyn as “going to the country.”



5. Ellie Goulding: On My Mind

What’s on your mind: not school, not work, and not responsibilities! Just kidding, they are definitely still on your mind (5 page take-home midterm due Tuesday night?!). You do your best to try to forget about them. Netflix helps a ton, and so does your mom.



5. Macklemore: Downtown

There’s going to be that hot sec this weekend when we think we’re cool enough to dress up and go downtown to celebrate Halloween. Then we remember how long the Uber is, how cold it is outside, and we vow never to go below 59th again.



6. Shawn Mendes: Stitches

This song is a short story written by the pumpkin that you carve into a Jack-O-Lantern, but it’s okay because pumpkins don’t actually need stitches and your pumpkin isn’t actually in pain.



7. Selena Gomez: Same Old Love

When you feel like you go home and hang out with the same guy from high school every break, and you are never sure how you feel about it. Hint: if you are unsure how you feel about it, it is probably because you’re over it. Say bye to that one last prom pic, and move on to bigger and better guys like Tristan Wilds– who undoubtedly have way more material to stalk online.




8. Major Lazer: Lean On

“We need someone to lean on…all we need is somebody to lean on.” We are talking about your mom. Go home and spend time with her. She misses you, but let’s be real, you miss her more.




9. Hailee Steinfeld: Love Myself

When you spend the entire break in your bed simply because you deserve it and you love yourself. Sometimes you get out of bed to go to a 45 minute workout class, get a manicure (pamper yourself this break), or because you need to grab your computer charger. You then promptly get back in bed to rest from your excursions.



10. Justin Bieber: Sorry

Rest assured that if anything goes wrong this weekend–if you don’t spend time with anyone but yourself or your mom, or if you genuinely feel uncomfortable with how much you have been FEELIN’ Justin’s new songs lately–you can always say sorry. (It is always good to apologize.)


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