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Little Update, Big Apple: Five Eateries With Kosher For Passover Options

Whether you celebrate Passover or you just like eating some yummy matzah ball soup, you are probably overwhelmed with the options available to you in NYC. So, here’s a small list of five places with Passover friendly menus. 


1272 Amsterdam Ave

This quaint little eatery located in our very own MoHi is the perfect place for brunch any time (the pancakes are fantastic). But for those of you observing Passover, don’t fear! Kitchenette offers some K for P options. Last year, they made me a matzoh sandwhich that was absolutely delicious and I definitely didn’t feel like I was missing out. 

Mendy’s (East or Rockefeller Center)

Mendy’s East: 61 East 34th Street and Park Avenue

Mendy’s Rockefeller Plaza: 10 Rockefeller Plaza/ 37 West 48th Street

The classic Kosher deli will be open for Passover! So, you will still be able to have your corn beef and pastrami fix.

Abigael’s On Broadway

1407 Broadway at 39th Street 

The Kosher restaurant will not only be open on Passover, but also offer a separate menu filled with both traditional and wide-ranging meal options. Check out the Tuna Nicoise, the Cedar Plank Salmon, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, the Roast Duck. 

Talia’s Steakhouse

668 Amsterdam Ave 

Start off with some tradtional matzoh ball soup and a Thai beef salad starter. Then, make your way to the chicken schnitzel for your entree. The menu is a little pricey, but take some friends and order some shared plates. Treat yourself this holiday!

My Most Favorite Bakery

247 West 72nd Street

Looking for some K for P sweets? My Most Favorite Bakery has a special Passover menu. Never thought you’d be able to eat a seven layer cake and a tin of brownies during Passover? Well, now you can! 

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