Letter from the Editor: Sydney Rose Hotz

Dear Barnard and Her Campus,

I sit here and I write this letter to you in amazement; Her Campus was my go to source during my senior year of high school, it was my only window directly into what life would be as a Barnard student. I chose Barnard, after much deliberation and a feeling unlike any other: I wanted to thrive inside the iconic crowned gates.

And so I arrived, caught up in the whirlwind of freshman year away from home. Looking for community, I found Her Campus once again. I found home and I never looked back.

From my very first Flawless Freshman column, to this letter to you all, Her Campus Barnard has helped me become the woman I am today. I want this publication to be your home, your go-to, your source of fun, knowledge, and power. I want to amplify your voice and share your stories. I want Her Campus to be your campus.

I'm Sydney, a latina from Northern New Jersey. I love ice cream and tacos, and I treat dog-spotting like a sport. I never want to leave New York City: its heartbeat is what drives me. Barnard is by far my favorite place in the world, for all it has taught me, in and out of the classroom. I'm your editor and I'm honored.

That's me. Ready to share your story?