Intro Level History Classes We Recommend

Looking for a history class to take this semester? The Her Campus staff just happens to have a bunch of history nerds who want to help you out. Listed below are some introductory level history classes to check out!


Intro to European History 1500-1789 (Fall): “This is a good class to take, even if you’re a history major. It is a survey class for early modern European history, so it covers everything you need to know. I found it especially helpful since my high school didn’t offer AP classes, but even people who had AP classes could take it and learn something.” -Beth


 Intro to European History Since 1789 (Spring): “I may be biased since I am a history major with a concentration in European History, but I loved this class. There was a midterm, research paper, and final, as well as a discussion section. Overall, super manageable and really interesting material.” -Rachel


American Civilization to the Civil War (Fall): “This is a survey class for early American history, and it covers events from 1500 to 1860. It is slightly harder than Intro to European History, but not enough that it should scare anyone off.” -Beth


American Civilization after the Civil War (Spring): “This class covers American history post-Civil War. The workload is manageable and enjoyable if you like American history. If you have taken AP U.S. History, this class is super easy.” -Ariana 


Intro to Later Middle Ages, 1050-1450: “The Middle Ages are far from dead—the events covered in this class are helpful in making sense of world history as a whole. Most modern conflicts surprisingly have roots in the time period covered in this class. If you are a history major or just love history, this class is a must-take because it is an eye-opener!” -Beth 


Crime and Policing: “Although this class takes place at the unfortunate time of 6:10, I do think it’s a really great non-intro class for people interested in history to take that is not too challenging. The course covers the evolution of crime and the criminal justice system in the United States starting in the late 19th century. The grading was very reasonable, and the workload was manageable. Although attendance is a part of the grade, there were two papers and a take-home final.” -Rachel


Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: “This is technically a political science course, but it can be seen as a European political history class. This course hands down is the greatest one I have taken since coming to Barnard. It is an amazing survey of European regimes from the French Revolution to current history, and Professor Berman does a great job of connecting the two; plus, she’s also hilarious. If you’re still deciding between History and Poli Sci or just have any interest in a more comprehensive look at European history and why empires rise and fall, this class is for you!!!!” -Lizzie