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An Inside Look at New York Fashion Week

Just because we live in the fashion capital doesn’t mean we always get to see the clothes. For those of us who missed fashion week, and haven’t read every fashion blog out there in the last few days, here is a review of some of my favorite collections from NYFW Fall 2015. Take a look at the clothes we will be aspiring to wear in sixth months.

Marc Jacobs

Twice a year people flock to New York to see what the legendary Marc Jacobs has up his sleeve. Never one to disappoint or produce an expected show, he once again went above and beyond creating a collection which threw caution to the wind. Inspired by former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, he recreated her living room in the Park Avenue Armory for the setting of his show. Warning to all blackfit loving New Yorkers: his show was all about the blues. From navy to slate, if Marc Jacobs has anything to say about it, we may soon be changing our ways. Ladylike silhouettes, dramatic capes, slim fitting metallic gowns and luxurious fur stoles ruled the show. The true star, however, was texture, as Jacobs made use of fur, sequins, leather, and snakeskin throughout the show. Shout out to us college girls; he served his guests vodka shots off silver trays!


Calvin Klein

Unlike Marc Jacobs, who always presents a surprising show, to a certain degree we know what to expect from Calvin Klein. The clothes are always simple but impeccable, as the luxury brand defines chic minimalist style. However, this season, Francisco Costa, Women’s Creative Director for the brand, added an element of surprise making reference to silhouettes form the 60s and 70s. While the styles were somewhat edgier, the overall look still felt like Calvin Klein, as the designer remained true to his minimalist aesthetic with a youthful twist. From a knit dress with a raw hem to a fitted black fur dress with skin tight, thigh high black boots, there is a piece for everyone in this collection.


Ralph Lauren

Set in an ivory, chandelier light studio, Ralph Lauren debuted his western inspired fall collection, which also made a nod to the 70s. His color palate was muted but rich texture kept his pieces alive. Chunky knits, long fringe, shearling, fur, and sequins stole the show. His collection was familiar, resonating well with the established aesthetic of the brand, and yet entirely beautiful. The clothes epitomized glamorous and looked incredibly cozy. Perfect for a five star trip to Aspen in the winter. Shout out to Kanye West who was seated in the front row with Ralph Lauren’s family.


Michael Kors

Like Ralph Lauren, we know what to expect from Michael Kors, but despite that we always come back for more. This year, I am glad we did because Michael Kors just perfected glamorous, American sportswear. Inspired again by the 70s, and also the 40s, he delivered the most amazing fall collection for staying warm and beautiful in the unbearably cold winter. Let’s just say I know where I will be getting my coat next fall. Kendall Jenner owned that unexpected teal fur. Color scheme: camel, white, tealish blue, gray, gold, red and mustard. For these clothes we are going to have to start wearing more colors.


Oscar de la Renta

In the wake of the late designer’s passing this fall, the label’s fall collection did not disappoint. Led by creative director Peter Copping, he honored the great designer by paying homage to the established aesthetic of the brand featuring simple feminine silhouettes and equally ladylike floral patterns. The attention to detail was not lost on the new designer, but his collection brought a new level of modernity to the brand. The brand is known for its wonderful ballgowns, frequently spotted on the red carpet. Copping wonderfully paired these with more casual and equally beautiful looks in the beginning of the show. His colors of choice included black and white, magenta, yellow, blue, and burgundy. Dark colors, especially black, ruled the show. Perhaps we don’t have to change up our wardrobes quite yet.


Key trends: 70s, fur, fringe, embellishment, and statement outerwear

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