The Ideal Studying Outfit

Finals season. Everyone’s least favorite time of year. With the weather getting colder and the sun setting earlier, I just want to stay in my pajamas all day! Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as productive in pajamas as I am when I put some (read: minimal) effort into my outfit and force myself to swap out my PJs for a “studying fit.”

I start by swapping my pajama pants for a pair of athletic shorts — I’m partial to Nike, but any brand works! Workout clothes always make me feel a bit more productive, and I don’t have to change when I want to get a workout in. A trip to the gym or simply walking around the neighborhood is one of my favorite ways to take a break from studying, and being able to effortlessly switch from my desk to the running path out my door is so much easier.

In addition to my Nike shorts, I wear high socks. They make my studying outfit a little warmer without needing to rock a full sweatsuit. These also create an easier transition if I’m going for a workout — no time wasted searching for matching socks! 

Mug of black coffee next to woman reading a book Photo by Thought Catalog from Unsplash

I still love being cozy and warm, so I typically wear a sweatshirt or quarter zip with my shorts. Gotta stay warm somehow! If it’s especially chilly, I’ll bring a blanket to my desk with me and wrap up in that, often adding a mug of hot tea or coffee. 

To finish off my outfit, I usually pair it with very minimal jewelry, simply because it makes me feel more productive, and I enjoy wearing it. If you find yourself getting distracted or annoyed with yours though, no need to wear it! Do what makes you the most comfortable you can be (without falling asleep at your desk, of course). 

I have worn this outfit out on multiple occasions, and I plan to do so again this finals season (even if it’s only to pick up takeout or go for a socially-distanced walk). Since I change into this outfit at the beginning of my day or studying session, I don’t have to spend time later changing into an outfit I deem “acceptable” to wear out into society — I’m already wearing one! I’m all for ease and minimal time waste between studying or taking care of myself during finals week, and this outfit helps me in both of those areas. I hope this outfit inspires you to find your signature “studying fit”; good luck with finals!