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I Ordered a Stitch Fix Box: These Were My Thoughts

Recently, I’ve been in a style rut. It’s most likely due to the pandemic and the fact that I’m living in sweats much more than I used to. I’ve come to prioritize comfort much more while making outfits, but I still want to be stylish too. So I enlisted the help of a Stitch Fix stylist to get reinspired with my wardrobe! 

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online styling service where you pay a $20 styling fee for a box of various clothing items, curated just for you and shipped to your doorstep! If you fall in love with any of the items, that $20 goes towards whatever your total purchase is. If you don’t like the pieces, no worries! You can ship them back in the prepaid package included. 

How does it work?

When you sign up, you fill out a “Style Profile” that includes your sizes, preferred fits and cuts, places you shop, and price range. You can even include your age, occupation, Pinterest board, if you’re a parent, and your primary objectives for ordering a Fix. For example, I wrote: “I’m in college but home for the semester due to COVID-19. I’m not going out very much so a good mix of comfort and style is key lately. I prefer crewnecks and mock necks (but am open to trying new things) and zero-fuss pieces. I live in Pennsylvania so pieces that can be layered (or are warm) are important, especially in the fall and winter.” Overall, I appreciated how thorough the questionnaire was. 

Next, you can schedule your fix for a day that works for you and include any last information, like any events you might have coming up or an item you’d like to try out! There’s also a cool feature in the "Fix Inspiration" tab where you can "pin" outfits and items that are your style for your stylist to use when picking out items for your box. It’s a great way to get an idea of what might be coming in the mail and to give your stylist some guidance! 

My Fix

There were five items included:

  1. Fortune + Ivy Taupe Knit Top ($44)

  2. Market & Spruce Maroon Corduroy Skirt ($54)

  3. Lysse Classic Printed Legging ($78)

  4. Market & Spruce Striped Dropped Shoulder Pullover ($46)

  5. DV By Dolce Vita Black Booties ($70)

What I liked 

I could tell that my stylist listened to my fit and color preferences. Both of the tops were crewnecks and in colors I would wear. The corduroy skirt was my favorite item sent, as it was actually an item I’d been looking to add to my wardrobe; unfortunately, however, the fit wasn’t right.

I also liked how my stylist paid attention to the fact that I needed both comfortable and stylish pieces. Thanks to the classic shapes and the color scheme, all of the pieces could be mixed and matched, dressed up or down! 

What I didn’t like

Overall, I was disappointed with the quality of the items sent to me. They were equivalent to some other fast fashion brands but nowhere near as affordable. I’m definitely willing to pay a good price for my clothes, but I’m looking for something that will last. 

Besides the corduroy skirt, the pieces didn’t feel young enough. The leggings were in an unappealing pattern (for my taste), and the black booties were a nice shape but had a snakeskin print that clashed with the rest of the pieces.

The prepaid return package Stitch Fix sent was quite small and I struggled to fit the pieces back into the bag. 

What I learned

In the end, I didn’t keep any of the pieces. While my stylist did get certain things right, she missed the mark on the overall vibe. I just wasn’t in love with any of the pieces enough to keep them. When I filled out the final form about my Fix, stating which items I’d be sending back and why, they let me reschedule a new fix for free! I appreciated that Stitch Fix wanted another chance to get it right.

I would definitely encourage others to try this service. It’s fun to see what comes in the mail, as long as you keep an open mind. I might suggest that the Sitch Fix demographic is not geared towards teenagers, but I’m curious to see if my next box fits my criteria more closely. Perhaps if you’re very picky about clothes, like me, it’s not the best idea to have someone shop for you. Still, I’m proud of myself for trying something new!

Emilia McFerren

Columbia Barnard '23

Emilia McFerren is a sophomore at Barnard College, studying English and Art History. She loves books, movies, classic and sustainable style, spirituality, and fangirling over One Direction 5 years after their "hiatus". She's an aspiring writer/author, traveler, and activist. If she could have dinner with 5 people, living or dead, she'd choose Audrey Hepburn, Harry Styles, Michelle Obama, Chadwick Boseman, and her grandfather. Reach her at erm2182@barnard.edu or @emiliamcferren on Instagram.
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