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How To: Neon in Winter

Welcome back to “How To”, a campus style blog dedicated to guiding you through your fashion questions and concerns. For this week’s installment, “How To: Neon in Winter”, Her Campus Style guides you through the art of adding a pop of bright color to your cozy neutrals, blacks, and greys. Just a small neon accessory can give you the skip in your step you need to stay happy amidst a blizzard! 




The Sweater

Although a full on neon sweater may be over kill, brands like Splendid and Wildfox have been making adorable sweatshirts with neon highlights, like these adorable lips. Look for something warm in a muted color that has a standout neon design. You can then always match your jewelry to the neon accent!

The Bangle

This pink bangle is the perfect way to add a hint of individualism to your all blacks Mel’s attire. An immediate eye catcher, this bangle is chunky and made of hardware, two of this season’s biggest trends.

The Beanie

My personal favorite, a neon beanie can keep you toasty on your Starbucks run without making your outfit seem to fancy. Paired with jeans a flannel and buckled booties, this hat helps you achieve that flawless hipster/trendsetter look a la Alexa Chung or Lily Collins.


Although no one may see your socks under your boots, this neon accent is for you! Take your boots off and smile and the brightness emanating from these cute Gap socks!


Like the sweater, this scarf is not entirely neon but instead grey with hints of neon. Aqua featured a series of sweaters and scarfs this season with neon accented animal prints that are adorable for a day in Butler or dinner with your girlfriends.


Last but definitely not least, if you can’t seem to let go of your black (you are a New Yorker after all…), spice up your makeup look with subtle and defined eyes and neon lips in orange or pink. Seen all over the runways, this look will remind you and your friends that despite the 2 feet of snow outside, spring is coming! 

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