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How to Make a Care Package for Your Long-Distance Partner This Valentine’s Day

Recently, I was speaking with a friend of mine who wanted to make plans with her girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, but it was out of reach for them to hang out because of family plans and the fact that they’re both at different colleges. I wasn’t sure if I could help, until an idea occurred to me. What if it were possible to make a care package (physical or virtual) to send to your long-distance significant other? Wanting to build on this idea, I’ve developed a list I think could be helpful to anyone wanting to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with their loved one, regardless of distance:

Their Favorite Snacks/Food/Candy

It’s probably telling that I am starting this list off with food, but it’s an essential part of the Valentine’s Day experience. You can opt for something generic, like stamped Valentine’s Day conversation hearts, or you can slip in a few of their favorite candy bars or snacks that they can binge on during a movie with you or a study session for the next day.

(Virtual Option: Spend some time over Zoom baking with your partner! You can make a list of ingredients or find a cooking video and send it to them the day before or so to make sure they can get everything you both need for a fun ~virtual~ night in the kitchen.)

A Lovely V-Day Card

This is pretty essential. You can usually swing by any pharmacy or dollar store to pick one up, and then you can fill it with all of those lovely poetic skills you’ve been developing over quarantine (or not, that’s cool, too). 

(Virtual Option: There’s actually a ton of stores that have options for sending e-gift cards, and better yet, you can attach a lovely message to them, too. I personally love Starbucks e-gift cards and have used them in the past to send to my friends and family, but look into any of your partner’s favorite stores to see what options they have available!)

A Necklace or Piece of Jewelry (from a small business!)

If you really want to step up your game, and maybe you’ve been in this long-distance relationship for a while, you might consider getting a really unique and lovely (affordable) piece of jewelry for them. There’s this really lovely necklace I found on Etsy for only $25, which has an intricate gold envelope charm. It opens up, so you can write a sweet note to your loved one, put it in the necklace, and send it to them so they have something to remember you by every single day. It’s something new, but it’s also something they would smile at every time they see it.

(Virtual Option: Write a love letter or poem to your partner in the body of an email and attach your other virtual gifts to it. Maybe even include puns with hyperlinks to your gifts so they really get a kick out of every word you have to say.)


If you know your significant other has been stressed out by school or work, loves to smell good, or needs something to make their smelly dorm smell less like a smelly dorm, consider investing in some ~aromatherapy~. You can get a small candle, a diffuser set with essential oils, or a body wash and perfume set like the ones in Bath and Body Works.

(Virtual Option: There’s really not an alternative virtual option to aromatherapy…. but there are e-gift cards to Bath and Body Works!)

Stuffed Animals, Blankets, Slippers, and Everything Cozy Under The Sun

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without cuddling. You can make sure your loved one is ready to go with mini teddy bears, a cozy throw blanket (this V-Day blanket from Target is only $10!) and/or a pair of fluffy socks/slippers to wear. This is perfect if you’re thinking of holding a long-distance movie night, board game night, video game night, etc. Plus, if you can’t cuddle with each other in the moment, this is a great way of sharing that cuddly energy despite the miles between you and your partner. 

(Virtual Option: Make a cozy playlist! It can be filled with anything from classic vintage voices like Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra, to lo-fi chill music, to a combination of you and your partner’s favorite songs. You can also find one of those fireplace videos on YouTube that run for hours and have it on in the background while the two of you catch up on Zoom, Google Meets, or FaceTime. Anything to spruce up the night!)

These are just a few ideas overall, and obviously, you are the person who knows your partner the best. If you think there’s something missing from this list that you know they would love, feel free to add it on to your night of festivities. Wishing you all the best this Valentine’s Day – I’ll be sitting back watching Girls’ Trip for the second time this month :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Caroline Val

Columbia Barnard '24

Caroline is a first-year at Barnard hoping to major in Psychology and English with a concentration in Film Studies. When not advocating for mental health awareness, she's also extremely involved in all things theatre, film, and writing (especially poetry). She can be reached on Instagram @cxrol.v!
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