How to Balance Work and Play During the Last Month of Classes

As the end of the semester comes closer, the list of deadlines, submissions and finals get longer and longer. It’s a rough time for most us in college, but it’s important to balance work with play and not end “cocooned up” in your dorm room or library. It’s essential for your mental and physical health that you get that butt of your chair and do things that are beyond preparing for finals and finishing up last minute papers.

1. Find a work out class near you

It can get boring and exhausting to work out alone or it might even be difficult for you to find time to come up with the perfect work out plan. However, with the increasing accessibility of work out classes and apps (HINT: Check out ClassPass if you haven’t already!!) working out in a group and taking fun classes has never been easier and more motivating.

2. Attend your class dinner

As the end of the semester comes closer, your class council is working very hard to formulate the best class dinner you’ve ever had – and it would be a shame if you didn’t attend it. It’s the perfect study break and gives you the chance to socialize with your classmates and spend some time away from your books and computer. (ALSO: Free food!!)

3. Plan a “Spa Day” or simply get your nails done

Play does not always have to be raving up and down at a nightclub, it can also mean just spending some quality “me” time and making the most of being away from work. PRO TIP: Get a 10 minute massage done, while you’re nails are being manicured and you’ll have the best study break you could have imagined.

4. Have a meal with your room mate(s)

It could be breakfast on a Sunday morning or a mid week dinner, spending time with your roommates is probably the easiest study break in the history of study breaks. You just have to prep a meal and take a couple of steps out of your room and voilaaaa: your study break is ready for you. This is very time efficient and gives you a good chance to socialize and have a good laugh (or cry!).

5. (Duhh) Attend student organized study breaks!

There is nothing more tempting than free pinkberry/donuts/bubble tea/guac and chips etc. to get you out of your study zone. Class study breaks are there for a reason… well to take a study break. They are quick, efficient, and extremely delicious! Keep an eye out for the next one.