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Her Campus How-To: Bachannal Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Bacchanal is just days away. Assuming you’re like us, and have yet to compile a bacchanal apt-ensemble (mostly in light of the debatably rainy forecast), you may be feeling at a loss. As you prep for this coming Saturday’s festivities, heed our style do-list for a little extra guidance.

Tanks and Crop Tops:

Keep it casual, and wear a bra if necessary. Graphics are generally a do, particularly with respect to Beyonce lyrics.

Cool Hoodies

Goes especially well with cutoffs (see below). Bear in mind you’ll probably end up taking it off, and forgetting it in a tbd frat-house, so either keep it together, or wear something you’re willing to temporarily or permanently misplace.


Nothing says bacchanal like seasonally inappropriate cutoffs. If you can see cheek, lock it down. Otherwise, I provide you with no further guidance.

Cuffed Skinnies:

Looking for an apt-occasion to break out your tattered, light-wash skinnies? How lucky for you. If you’re feeling chilly, cuffed skinnies can be a great cut-offs alternative.

Cool Sneakers:

White converse never fail.



It may or may not be sunny, but come 11 A.M., you will most definitely be in need of some sunnies. Put your Oliver Peoples away and go for your trendy, yet cheap, h&m/Zara/Topshop best.



Chance of rain? No problem. Throw on a snapback for a little protection, and, you know, if you’re tryna look fly.

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Columbia Barnard

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