A Helping Hand: Where to Donate

The recent natural tragedies in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and too many other locations have left these places seeking hope; the world feels shaken. While the delayed response from the U.S.’s current administration has been nothing less than deplorable, there are steps that we as individuals can take to help hurricane and natural disaster relief efforts. Understandably, many people are wary of donating online and even in general, but there are many organizations and relief funds that need your support. Here are some organizations and campaigns that you can donate to extend a helping hand during this difficult time: 



The United Nation’s Children Fund is raising money for hurricane and earthquake relief across Mexico and the Caribbean. 

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2. Americares 

An action fund created in response to Irma, Harvey, and Maria. Every donation is multiplied in impact because aid is delivered directly to local health providers. This organization is taking direct action to help. 

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3. Direct Relief 

A non-profit emergency response group sending medical supplies directly to those who need it. 

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4. One America Appeal 

One America Appeal is a collaborative effort between four former U.S. Presidents, including President Barack Obama. 

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5. International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps is asking for tax-deductible donations for emergency care and long-term support. Monetary gifts are tax-deductible.

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6. Global Giving 

Along with donating to larger organizations, helping local relief efforts is also vital and imperative. Global Giving thoroughly vets local charities around the world and pairs them with larger donors. 

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7. United for Puerto Rico 

The government of Puerto Rico has set up an initiative to directly donate to local relief efforts. 

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8. Center for Disaster Philanthropy 

A growing nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. working on research and strategies for long-term disaster support and future prevention. 

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9. Food and Water Watch

Food and Water Watch is committed to environmental protection and research. Consider this a great place to donate for future research on climate change and for their promotional campaigns. 

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10. Almost Like Playing - Lin-Manuel Miranda 

With a “plea of support,” Lin-Manuel has used his talents and outreach to create a charity song song emphasizing the situation in Puerto Rico in this time of crisis. The song features Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, and more Latin artists; it lists all 78 towns in Puerto Rico to demand that no one be left behind. 

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In the wake of storms and other environmental catastrophes, cash gifts (as opposed to food or supplies) are the preferred mode of donation to ensure that relief efforts can get underway quickly. Even if you are only able to donate a little, it can go a long way if we all pitch in. Let’s use the internet to connect, not to divide.