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The Healthy Food Champion: Reeve Ballard

For campus celeb this week, we turned to Reeve Ballard, co-president of NOM^3. She tells us about her duties and a few things you probably didn’t know about her…

1. Can you sum up Nom^3 very briefly?
NOM^3 is a student run catering group on campus that promotes sustainable foods and vegan and vegetarian eating.  The mission of NOM^3 is to provide students with locally grown, sustainable food that is inexpensive and readily available.  We partner with other organizations on campus and often cater their events or collaborate with them to raise money for a specific organization or philanthropy.  
2. How did you get involved with Nom^3? What is your role?
I heard about NOM last year, when it was founded, and I joined as the PR director.  I took over this year as co-president.
3. What was the inspiration behind the organization?
The inspiration behind the organization initially was the food truck revolution.  The founders originally wanted to start a student run food truck. The goals have since changed, but the idea of quick and easy healthy food is still a very big part of who we are as an organization.
4. Why do you think it’s important for the campus to have something like it?
I know that a lot of students really want to lead healthy lifestyles, but that a lot of times it can be hard to procure fresh ingredients and to find the time to cook healthy meals.  NOM gives students access to information about sustainable food and to freshly prepared snacks and meals. 
5. I am the happiest when…
I am with my friends!  
6. Name one interesting fact about you that not too many people know 
I am obsessed with interior design- the first thing I do when I walk into anyone’s apartment or house is redecorate it in my head.  My favorite website is 1st Dibs…I’m always on it procrastinating!
7. Dream vacation?
I am DYING to go to India.  
8. What is your favorite Saturday night spot?
I love Brinkley’s, in SoHo. 
9. If you could switch places with one person, who would it be? 
Probably Idina Menzel.  I wish I had a powerful, booming singing voice like her.  
10. Peanut butter or jelly?
Jelly, without a doubt.  I am obsessed with jam and marmalade.

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