Daisy Chaussee: The Insta Famous Campus Celebrity


Year: 2017


School: Columbia University


Major: Computer Science & East Asian Languages and Cultures


Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA


Favorite dessert: Chocolate chip cookies!


Instagram: @dchaussee


Tell me a little about yourself. What are you favorite hobbies and interests?


I’m an avid photographer, traveler, dancer, and language enthusiast, currently studying at Columbia University in New York City. I’m a firm believer in eating cake for breakfast, wearing head-to-toe pink, and having solo dance parties.


What's your favorite thing or favorite place to Instagram?


Besides the perfect latte shot, I really love taking quirky self-portraits. I try to break the boundary of the posed, hand-on-hip, smiling portrait (you know the one), in favor of a more candid, unexpected shot. No matter what I’m photographing, I’m always drawn to vibrant colors and playful lighting.

In your opinion, what's the best app for editing photos?


VSCO! I love the A6 and C1 filters.


What makes something Instagram-worthy in your opinion?


If the photo makes you happy or reminds you of a certain memory, then it’s worth posting. Of course, I also pay attention to lighting, composition, and color, but the most important part of Instagram for me is curating a collection of the simple, beautiful moments of my everyday life. I try to keep things positive and joyful because that’s how I want to live.


Any bloggers or photographers that inspire you?


I always have to name @aguynamedpatrick because his Instagram initially inspired me to up my photo game. I also love @amy_stone, @mandinelson_, @lucylaucht, and @ravivora.


What's your top photography tip?


Watch the lighting! Light is the most important part of photography, so notice how shadows fall or light dances off building windows. Different lighting situations can really change the mood of a photo.


The holidays are here! Any Instagram ideas for this festive season?

Make a festive wreath, hang it on a colorful wall, and snap some photos! Or if it’s snowing, take a walk outside and capture the untouched beauty of nature.