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Curlisto Salon, An Oasis for Curly Girls

To my sisters with curly hair—the struggle is over!

I am and always have been a “curly” girl. Browsing through old baby photos, you can see the frizzy mass atop my head glistening in the sunlight. My awkward years were made more awkward by my cluelessness when it came to my curls. Though my middle school experience was spent wrestling a flat iron into my many layers of hair, in high school I finally embraced what I’ve always known about my hair but refused to admit: it’s fabulous. It’s difficult. It’s frizzy. And after I go swimming, I wish I could trade it in for the glossy pin-straight hair I spent my life pining over. Still, though, my hair is my defining feature, and for all of us curly girls out there, we have to love it, because it’s who we are.

Curlisto Hair Salon in Midtown Manhattan can help bring out the best of our curls. The search for the perfect product had been going on for many, many years of my life before I went to Curlisto Salon. I had depleted all of the convenience store selections, always feeling like the products made me feel bad about my curls instead of making them look good. Half ot hem ended up giving my hair a dandruff crunch, the others took away the curl definiton and made my a hair a frizzy blob. The products available at Curlisto were a revelation. Suddenly, my hair was defined into beautiful, soft curls with no crunchiness or frizz. They offer a variety of salon services, from hair cuts to hair styling to manicures and pedicures.

Half of the battle is learning how to style your hair in a way that’s appropriate for your curls. The second half, of course, is finding the right products! The stylists at Curlisto salin will work with you to find those products and teach you the way to style your hair so you can do it at home. My hair is significantly improved since going—not only is it easier to manage, but it just looks damn fine.

Check out some of the techniques I learned when I got my hair cut:

Take charge of your luscious locks! Sure, people will always want to touch our hair and will be fascinated when we say that it’s natural, but maybe our Curlisto-styled hair will stop them from asking “Do you ever straighten it?” 

Learn how to embrace your curls with the wonderful staff and stylists at Curlisto. You’ll shock youself with the before and after. But when people ask how you did your hair, you can just tell them…

I can’t recommend Curlisto highly enough. Get on the subway and head down to midtown—you won’t regret it. If you mention my name, you will receive 10% off styling and products.

Curlisto salon is located on 35 west 45th Street, 3rd Floor. Check out their website for more information.

Elena is a sophomore at Columbia University majoring in English. In her free time, she writes for Her Campus and news for Spectator. She loves New York and her friends.
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