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CU Spring Instagram Guide

Spring is in the air! And with the D-Day of Instagram’s impending algorithm change looming like a dark cloud over the bright blue skies, copping those warm weather likes has never been more crucial. So, we’ve assembled a bucket list of must-snap CU landmarks and events sure to catapult you to instafame. Just remember, golden hour is your friend, selfie sticks are obnoxious, and there’s no such thing as a “good” FaceTune.

Minimum 100-like Views

Low Library

Top Floor EC Window

From the Mudd Roof

Bonus points if you capture Public Safety catching you in the act.

Morningside Park

Everyone knows that kid who instagrams Morningside Park but would never dare walk inside it. You know who you are!

Snacks @ CU

Joe Coffee & Cookie

If this latte didn’t want me to take its picture, why would it have such a pretty foam leaf on top?

Late Night Koronet’s

The nights you can’t remember, and the grease Instagram won’t let you forget.  Bonus points if you’re wearing a really cute outfit while eating it so that people know you can do it all. 

Absolute Bagels

For the foodstagramming betch who’s still “keeps it real” by eating carbs and carrying cash.  Get lox and shoot it like Food in the Air!  Some instas are classics for a reason.

John Jay Surf & Turf

If you haven’t selfie’d with an enormous tub of shrimp carcasses, have you ever truly selfie’d?

Community Brunch

You might think that five dollars for a side of avocado is too much, but you clearly haven’t seen how good it looks from an aerial perspective Instagram.


Hot Shirtless Frisbee Players

Finally prove to your high school friends that #NotAllColumbiaBoys look like malnourished members of the Volturi. 

Rae Sremmurd


Though, to be fair, you have until like 2048 to make this Insta magic happen. 

D Spar

Sad Boys in Salmon Shorts


Low Beach

If you don’t take at least one Instagram on Low “beach” in a bikini and Ray-Bans, how will people know that you have a great sense of humor?


Your eyes may be dead, but your camera roll should be full. On The Lawns with your Cru


Channel your inner freshman and let the lights of the Mel’s sign be your Northern star. 


The Magnolia Tree


Alma Mater

The New Ugly Statue

Too soon?


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