Couples Edition: The Love Triangle

Everyone thought that Caroline Williamson and Ben Coombs were an exclusive couple. However, at Delta Gamma's anchor splash last semester, Ben's secret romance was revealed when he and fellow crew team member Samuel Harris kissed to "Like a Virgin" in their matching speedos during their team's synchronized swimming routine. While Ben and Sam try to play the kiss off as a simple publicity stunt to beat Sigma Nu's anchor splash team, there's no denying the chemistry exchanged that evening between the two best friends at the Dodge pool. Her Campus Barnard writer Sam Fox was able to get an exclusive interview with Sam, Ben, and Caroline to finally reveal the truth about their epic love triangle. 



Q: Sam, What is the most romantic thing Ben has ever done for you?

A: Stretched me out real good during an intense Pilates session.

Q: Ben, What drew you to Sam and made him so irresistible that you were unfaithful to Caroline?

A: Sam's Canadian charm just got me. It's irresistible. All the girls at Mel's know what I'm talking about.

Q: Sam, I hear you and Caroline are pretty good friends, how did it feel kissing her boyfriend in front of her?

A: It was a real thrill showing her in no uncertain terms that she is going to have to share Coombah.

Q: Ben, How did it feel kissing Sam in front of your girlfriend?

A: Doing it was exhilarating, maybe some day we'll get her in on the action too!

Q: Caroline, How did it feel watching your boyfriend kiss a guy in front of all of your friends?

A: Not going to lie, it was pretty exciting watch that man-on-man speedo action.

Q: Caroline, Do you think Ben will ever leave Sam altogether and be faithful to you?

A: I think I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I'll always have to share Ben with Sam.

Q: Ben, The ultimate question: who is the better kisser, Sam or Caroline?

A: At the time, Sam had this fabulous moustache. Caroline can't grow a moustache....