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Confessions of a SWUG: The Question We Try to Avoid

For me, college has been a period of time in which I have slowly found out that there are a lot of unbearable people in this world. Of course, this has meant that my circle of friends has continued to become smaller… and smaller… and smaller. 
Some of you may wonder why I’m even stating this fact, as it probably does not come as a surprise to a whole lot of people (especially given my general badditude.) Well, the reason I’m calling attention to this fact about me is because I want to announce that there is yet another group of people for whom I no longer have patience. And this one goes to: THE PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT STOP ASKING WHAT I’M GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR.
You know what… I do not know.
Let me say that just one more time. I DO NOT KNOW.
So please, ask someone else. And try to understand that just because we are seniors does not mean we are already OUT OF THE DOOR. Graduation is months away, so we are just trying to enjoy ourselves, without thinking too much about the future.To all my SWUGs out there—please rest assured that you are not alone in your seemingly never-ending quest for a future. I am right here with you—enjoying the unknown. While I generally try not to embrace a positive attitude, I would just like to put it out there that not having a job right now is just totally and 100% okay. 
I may only be saying this to assure myself… But please, just indulge me. When it is no longer okay not to be employed, I will let you guys know. Trust me. But right now, enjoy the crazy nights out, the unreal next mornings, the hilarious idea of writing your thesis, and, of course, the beautiful wine bottles all over your apartment that you have now decided are decorations. And for all of you who keep asking this question… Just cut it right out. We don’t know. And if we did, obviously we would already be bragging about it to you, so you would already know. SO:
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