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Collegiette Cooking: Curing First Year Food Woes

Whether you’re actually a freshman (Welcome, Class of 2017!) or just an upperclasswoman trying desperately to feed herself, Collegiette Cooking’s got you covered this year. In the past, Her Campus has given you easy food tips like the best dining hall to peruse and how to go gourmet with only the quad microwave at your disposal. This week, I’m going to cover the taboo first-year subject of eating out.

No, I don’t mean Ollie’s dumplings, though if you go with that choice I can’t say I did any better. I’m talking about that once-in-a-while off-campus meal for when you really can’t stand to sit at those sticky Hewitt tables one minute longer! Here are three reasonably priced neighborhood spots you can’t afford to miss.

1. Amy Ruth’s—113 W 116th St. near Lenox Ave.

Those who are aware of the delicious culinary tradition known as chicken and waffles (but did not drag their Southern granny up to college with them) will find Amy Ruth’s a great comfort and a shining example of the form.  All the waffle plates are named for celebrated African Americans, with the most popular being “The Rev. Al Sharpton,” the original fried or smothered chicken (you choose dark or white meat) with the most tender Belgian-style waffles you’ve ever tasted. ~$10

2. Absolute Bagels—2788 Broadway between 107th and 108th St.

The only hangover cure. There have been times where I thought I wouldn’t make it to the counter without puking into a stroller or onto some Upper West Sider’s purebred dog, but I persevered to order my usual: hot-from-the-oven whole wheat everything with plain cream cheese. Why put myself through the struggles of their early morning lines and cash-only policy? Just go and you’ll see.  You’ll never settle for Nussbaum again. $4

3. Levain Bakery—2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (Corner of 117th St. and F.D. Blvd.)

New Yorkers flock from all corners for what some call the best pastries in the city—right here in our neck of the woods! Tyler Perry calls Levain’s cookies the best he’s ever had. I highly recommend their signature chocolate chip walnut flavor for the gooiest, most hearty and satisfying cookie you can find anywhere. The high number of “regulars” is an obvious recommendation: popular demand forced Levain to open a Hamptons location so their customers wouldn’t have to do without during their vacations! $4 (for a massive cookie made for sharing)


Happy dining! Next week, look out for my recommendations for eating cheap outside the Columbia bubble.


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