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Can We All Admit That Tori Was the Worst on Victorious?

Netflix graced the American people with greatness when it added Victorious to its lineup in early November. Victorious, I learned, has aged like a fine wine. The show was entertaining when I was a tween, but now is so addictively watchable I might have already binged the entire show instead of doing my readings. By might, I mean I did. 

However, while watching, I came to an astute observation…Tori is the absolute worst.

Tori, the protagonist played by Victoria Justice, might not just be “the worst” within the show itself, but perhaps the worst character to ever come on the television. Well … that might be an overstatement, but she’s annoying. 

And in this extremely well-researched article I will break down to you all of the reasons that Tori should have never been the lead of the show.

She’s whiny and annoying.

Tori is the quirky girl in all your classes who tries so hard to make herself quirky that she fails miserably and just looks sad. 

All of her jokes are about food, and they become unfunny instantly. Find some new material. 

She whines about things being too hard and expects everything to fall right in her lap. Tori, even your sister — who might be the least talented person on the face of the earth — tries to do things for herself. Be an adult and take up some responsibility. 

I’d like to give a shoutout to Andre for not only putting up with Tori’s annoying ass more than anyone else on the show, but doing so without disrespecting her once. You, my friend, deserve the Nobel Peace prize or a sticker or something.

Every other character had a purpose besides Tori. Jade was hilarious, and to be quite honest still remains my cultural icon. Relatable and iconic. Why do you need Tori when Jade West exists?

She’s the least talented.

I have three words for you: “Give it Up.” This might be the greatest song to come out of the Schneiderverse. Killer vocals from Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande and it’s a bop that holds up today.

Can confirm that it holds up today because Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies performed it at Ariana’s concert recently and it slapped. 

Victoria Justice could sing, but compared to Gillies, Leon Thomas III, and the breakout star of Ariana Grande, Tori just couldn’t keep up with any of them. 

Yes Victoria, you “all” sing, but some of you don’t sing well. 

Even Beck, who I am still not entirely sure why he goes to this school, had more talent. He would run his fingers through his hair…that was enough.

She spent the entire show coming for Jade’s man.

In the first episode, Tori kissed Jade’s boyfriend, Beck, even though she knew they were together, and no one said anything! While we can’t excuse Beck for being a pretty horrible boyfriend, Tori shouldn’t have knowingly kissed someone else’s boyfriend. 

I may have written another article, which I may be linking right here, about how television idolizes unhealthy relationships. Tori is yet another example of that. That isn’t cute Tori; you wouldn’t like it if someone came for your boyfriend. It’s just not nice.

She has the fakest sense of imposter syndrome.

I go to Columbia, which means I have the word “imposter syndrome” tattooed on my face. I know what imposter syndrome is first-hand because there is no reason that a mediocre student with a mediocre personality like me should go to school here. 

However, because of this, I know how to sniff out a fraud, and I found one in Tori Vega. No one has so much self-confidence and then questions why they got something. Tori should have imposter syndrome because she truly didn’t deserve anything she received, but nope; instead, she believes she got it because of her own merit. 

Tori would freak out about auditions and roles and then receive them all. It was all an act. 

Just as a note, all of the songs are credited as “Tori and cast,” so she really had to know what was going on.

Tori is a felon and should be in prison.

I don’t know what Dan Schneider’s issue is with making his characters — who are all minors — commit felonies frequently. Tori breaks into stores, hits a man in the eye with her shoe, opens tubs of ice cream without paying for them and then makes a mess with the ice cream she opened. If I did any of those things, I would be kicked out of Barnard and arrested immediately. Consequences are real, Tori.

Robbie is a master with the puppet.

There is a kid with a puppet who is able to do high-quality ventriloquism. What are you doing at the forefront, Tori?

Elizabeth Karpen

Columbia Barnard '22

Lizzie Karpen is a junior at Barnard College, the most fuego of women’s colleges, studying Political Science and English with a concentration in Film. To argue with her very unpopular opinions, send her a message at esk2168@barnard.edu or @lizziekarpen on Instagram and Twitter.