Campus Cutie Valentine's Day Mixer Gives Student Romantics the Meet Cute of Their Dreams

Any of you who have ever read the Her Campus Cutie section understand the satisfaction of stalking the profiles long enough to find someone with all of the same interests as you (OMG we both like pizza and movies IT’S FATE!!), a clear feminist perspective (Aww his favorite quality in a woman is personality, and you know he’s telling the truth because nobody ever lies in public interviews), and a nice smile. However, you can also relate to the agony of knowing you will probably never meet this wonderful someone because despite being on the same very small campus, we live a giant metropolis. Plus, let’s face it; most Columbia students aren’t the most social beings. Therefore, you push the cuties to the back of your mind and continue interacting with the same limited group you’ve been frequenting Mel’s with for the past three years.

But alas, Her Campus Barnard made your dreams come true on Thursday, February 12 by throwing the first ever Her Campus Barnard Valentine’s Day Mixer! The V-Day throw down took place at our own beloved Canons and guaranteed special appearances by former HCB Campus Cuties. With great dance music, spin the bottle and suck and blow stations set up around the room, a plethora of Hershey’s kisses, and V-Day desperation in the air, it was the perfect venue for cutie stalkers to live out their dreams of a romantic and slightly-planned meet cute (so punny) with their favorite cuties.

In addition, the editors suggested a $5 donation at the door. All proceeds went to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women to support women’s heart disease research and treatment. Basically, it was a very successful event that helped students find their soul mates and supported a great cause. Not trying to toot my own horn here, but way to go, HCB!!

If you’re feeling inspired, please continue donating at