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Campus Cutie: Punting around with Matt Panton

To kick off this semester’s campus cutie, we’re profiling our favorite punter, Matt of the Columbia Football team.

The Kick Off:

Name: Matthew Panton

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Major: Psychology

Campus Activities: Getting my roommates to move out and being an outstanding brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Describe yourself in ten words: Samatha, Slytherin, Charmander, Tails, Vanilla, Winky kiss face and Pantone292.

Favorite study spot: In the final exam

From Fumbles to Turnovers

What position do you play in football? I kick the ball far.

What is your team culture like? All American, except for me.

Favorite football sexual innuendo: I pin them deep.

How much action have you seen? I saw a kangaroo box a koala once.

Making ways to the End Zone

Favorite off-campus hangout spot? Panton Vineyard (.com.au)

Describe your first Cannons experience: I had a chicken club sandwich while waiting for my American phone plan to be finalized.

What types of touchdowns have you seen in Cannons? It’s hard to watch the TVs after a couple of cold ones.

And finally, a Touchdown

Current relationship status: We have matching Ugg Boots.

What do you look for in a mate? Someone who has at least 4 dogs

Three ways a person can win over your heart: Someone who is caring, makes me feel special, and likes to eat at Outback Steakhouse.

Biggest turn off for you: Talking to me in a fake British accent.

Anything else you would like your fans to know: Don’t be weird when I hug you (or kiss you on the cheek).

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