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Campus Cutie: Diana Masch


Name: Diana Masch

Hometown: Warren, NJ

School and Year: SEAS 2019

Major: Applied Mathematics

Campus Activities: Squash team and DG

Describe yourself in ten words: You can win my heart through the food you feed me.

Favorite Columbia Memory: My favorite Columbia memory takes place almost everyday after practice, when I have to walk through campus with huge ice packs taped to my shins, making me look like a sumo wrestler :)

Best Columbia Class: So far, The Art of Engineering because I got to design and 3-D print a remote.

Relationship status: Single, but my friends would say I’m in a committed relationship with food.

What do you look for in a partner? Tony the Mel’s bouncer or if he looks like Brad Pitt, I will accept him for who he is.

Describe your ideal date: I would say Cannons, but now I would settle for a meal at Mel’s.

Worst pick up line that you’ve heard: A guy walked up to me in Mel’s and started licking my face and then said “I’m good at licking”… (Reminded me of the saying “all men are dogs”).

Biggest pet peeve: my roommate, Melissa (Missy) Cipolla, she loves me but it’s one sided.

Favorite form of procrastination: juju team or JJ’s and chill or lately the app houseparty (download it, it will change your life).

Three things you can’t live without: Telling Missy Cipolla I hate her, the guy at International who gives me 20% off, and elevated surfaces.


Anything else we should know about you: I turn NSOP into a lifestyle, you should too and come to the squash matches (even if you don’t know what squash is), they’re really fun! 

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